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The Dead Beats anthology heads overseas for its sophomore release: London Calling

Dead Beats 2: London Calling

A Wave Blue World has announced the Kickstarter campaign to fund Dead Beats 2: London Calling, the sequel to their Ringo Award-nominated musical horror anthology. 

After thrilling readers with the mysterious origins of various musical instruments in Dead Beats volume 1, the enigmatic Shoppe Keeper goes across the pond in search of even more haunted artifacts for her record shop, Dead Beats. 

The Kickstarter campaign features an exclusive cover by returning artist Lisa Sterle and colorist Stelladia. The exclusive can only be obtained by backing the campaign — the anthology’s subsequent mass-market release in September 2021 will feature different cover art. 

Additional campaign rewards include “Behind-The-Scenes” downloadable content, a double anthology pack, as well as a limited signed bookplate. 

Also returning for volume 2 are editors Joe Corallo and Eric Palicki. This dynamic duo also wrote the interstitial storyline, drawn by Val Halverson, featuring the Shoppe Keeper herself as she introduces each spooky tale. 

A 168-page anthology, Dead Beats 2: London Calling is composed of 21 stories with contributions by more than 40 creators ranging from industry veterans to rising talent, all ready to give their spin on the musical horror genre. 

The campaign runs until July 1. Get a look at what’s coming as well as a full list of creators below.