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Mythic Games Teams with the Dabel Brothers to Turn Time of Legends: Joan of Arc from Board Game to Comic

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniature featuring board game from Mythic Games successfully funded on Kickstater (with the Late Pledge still open). The game features a slightly different reality set during the Hundred Years’ War where all the myths and legends thought to be real are. In the game you control an army of miniatures that represents heroes, knights, and peasants that you’ll use to achieve your goals.

The game publisher is teaming up with Dabel Brothers to bring the game to comics! And since it’s “Joan of Arc,” it’s only appropriate that an all-female team is leading the artistic direction of the series. Veteran comic book writer and Vice President of Creative Development at Dabel Brothers, David Campiti, will write the first volume in the series.


Jade Warriors Launch On Keenspot

Mike Deodato‘s Jade Warriors returns to comics as a twice-weekly serialized adventure on Keenspot.com this month, courtesy of Glass House Graphics and Red Giant Entertainment.   It is co-written by Michael Buckley and David Campiti, and illustrated by Mike Deodato, with some inks by Emir Ribeiro. Four issues of the series were originally published by Image Comics.

Jade Warriors told the tale of Angel Sorayama, imbued with the power of a “Deathkiss” as part of a cult of female assassins fostered by the Yakuza for its own ends.  When she dared to escape this life, the hunter became the hunted.  One hell of an incentive package.  But that’s not all:  The Jade Warriors were originally a proud calling, one steeped in myth and tradition, preparing for the return of ancient Dragons imprisoned deep within the mountains of Japan.  And many myths are based in truth…as they discover when the Dragons return.

Keenspot pursued the project following the successful run of Exposure by David Campiti and the late Al Rio, which currently continues with new stories.

Glass House Graphics CEO David Campiti explained:

It’s been far too long since anyone had a chance to see this popular series back when Image published the first portion.  Deodato was working quite hard on a lot of things at the time, at the time, but he really wanted to see this book happen.  So he put in extra hours at the drawing board  to draw some stunning issues.  It was truly a labor of love produced under pressure-cooker circumstances.

Deodato commented:

This was right at the point where I began changing from my “old” style to my current style, and it gave me a chance to experiment with new techniques and lay the foundation for the way I draw today.  Since I’m under exclusive contract to Marvel, I can’t do any new pages, but there’s plenty of artwork  that nobody’s really seen yet, since the entire mini-series was never published.

Keenspot.com will not only publish the original work but also the remainder of the previously unpublished storyline.

You can read it at http://jadewarriors.keenspot.com