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Alterna’s Feast or Famine Up on Kickstarter

What would happen if the world’s greatest scientific minds, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, partnered together? Oh, and then went on a cosmic rescue mission together? In the all-new sci-fi comic book series, Feast or Famine, we get to find out. In a parallel version of Earth, these two futurists come together to make profound scientific discoveries. Propelling our world into a golden age of technology during the early days of the 20th century.

This 3 issue mini-series, coming next year from independent comic book publisher Alterna Comics, will chronicle the mind-bending first adventure of these brilliant scientist as they travel to a distant alien world. What begins as a benevolent adventure, quickly spirals into an unexpected and dangerous mystery. With consequences that can rewrite all of history!

Created by writer Dave Swartz and drawn by industry veteran Joseph Cooper, Feast or Famine mixes a futuristic turn of the century style with a retro, 1950’s vision of an alien world. Filled with all manner of strange aliens and reality-bending machines that will challenge everything these collective geniuses thought they knew about the universe.

The Kickstarter/Pre-Order Campaign just launched and is offering a ton of really great pledge rewards, including issues of the book, limited edition prints, commissions and sketch covers, and even original artwork from the series!