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Preview: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.11


Writers: Si Spurrier & Rob Williams
Artist: Warren Pleece
Cover A: Dan Boultwood
Cover B: Photo Subscription – Will Brooks
Cover C: Steve Dillon
Cover D: Simon Myers
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Comicraft
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: 27 July

BRAND NEW ARC BEGINS! Alice Obiefune is trapped in the Time War – caged in a time-locked region of space when stars burned, planets died and abominations walked the worlds, wreaking havoc with every unearthly step! She has lost the Doctor she knew, but the WAR DOCTOR has all the answers she seeks – if she can live long enough to reach him!



Preview: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.10


Writers: Rob Williams
Artist: Simon Fraser
Cover A: Dan Boultwood
Cover B: Photo Subscription – Will Brooks
Cover C: Andrew Pepoy
Colorist: Gary Caldwell
Letterer: Comicraft
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On Sale: June 8

Badly wounded by The Then and The Now, the Squire must deal with the fallout of Alice’s deadly decision, as Abslom’s fury rounds on the Doctor in full force. Death, devastation, and the aftermath of the Time War… this one has it all! Can the Doctor still find the truth and save his friends?


Preview: It Came! #4

It Came #4

Writer/Artist: Dan Boultwood
Titan Comics
Released: 11/13/13

Dan Boultwood’s thrilling tale of SF B-movie derring-do brews to a fiery finale, as the first full movie from Pinetree Studios is rescued from the archives!

Dr. Boy Brett and his lady assistant Doris Night hurry to London in pursuit of the monstrous robot GRURK, now smashing a wave of destruction through the capital, in the face of the beleaguered and ineffectual military might of the British Empire. All seems lost… but does DORIS hold the key to the undoing of this otherworldly invasion?

A must-read for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this is a gorgeously-illustrated, deeply-funny adventure!


Preview: It Came! #3

It Came #3

Writer/Artist: Dan Boultwood
Titan Comics

Director Dan Boultwood’s long-lost SF B-movie ratchets towards its jaw-dropping climax!

After the terrifying discoveries made in our last astonishing issue, space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lady assistant Doris Night are now trapped inside an honest-to-goodness flying saucer, along with a robot that aims to capture them alive!

What role does this monstrous, monosyllabic automaton play in the extra-terrestrial invasion plan? And what do drooping upper lips have to do with the fate of Britain – AND THE WORLD?!

A must-read for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this is a beautifully illustrated, laugh-out-loud pastiche!


Preview: It Came! #2

It Came! #2

Issue Number #2 (of 4)
Full Color
Publisher: Titan Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release date: September 11 2013 
Writer/Artist: Dan Boultwood

The alien robot known as GRURK has been temporarily waylaid by industrial quantities of bunting, but its inexorable march towards London cannot be stopped! In the village of Trumpington Abbey, space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lady-assistant Doris Night (a lady) welcome the arrival of the British Army – but do the soldiers herald a heightened level of competence… or a right royal Carry On? And what part does a field-full of mouldy turnips have to play in the enfolding cosmic drama?!

A blast for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and classic low-budget science fiction, this gorgeous, affectionate pastiche will keep you guessing – and laughing – throughout!


Review: A1 #3, Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #2, Lenore #8, Tomorrrowland #1, Numbercruncher #1

A1 #3

A1_03_CoverB_Back_webFrankenstein’s Monster is in the Weir and the angry mob greeting him with pitchforks and flaming torches are Mice, Weasels and Rabbits.

From World War 2 to Iraq, you’ll always find Blazing Glory in the thick of it. But after 60 years of combat he’s starting to question what he’s doing and why.

An extremely out-of-shape video game freak assembles his own army of gamers and plans a hit on a well-loved politician.
The reason? Said politician made a really disparaging comment on the nutfreak’s favorite game. Carpediem vs an army of vengeful nerds!

That’s the three stories you’ll find in Titan Comics‘ amazing anthology. Each is totally different in style and story, but they’re all amazingly good. There really is something for everyone, and that something is quality. The three stories, Carpediem, Odyssey, and Weirding Willows are each entertaining in their own way. All are familiar, with similar stories out there, but each have a spin and look that make them stand out from the rest.

Carpediem is the most original of the bunch following a team of super-agents, each named after a day of the week and each with their own “theme” and ability. There’s some great continuing jokes through the series that gets me to laugh with each issue. It’s just mad fun to read.

Odyssey might look like a certain character from another certain company, but it’s standing on its own with a beautiful style and action that keeps you entertained.

Weirding Willows is a mash-up comic taking characters from literary past. You’ll recognize the characters in a whole new way and so far the comic really stands out from all of the other similar comics out there with it’s focus, pacing and amazing art.

Titan Comics is making a case with each issue that A1 could be “the” anthology comic of the year. It’s that damn good.

Story: Dave Elliot, W.H. Rauf Art: Barnaby Bagenda, Sami Basri, Sakti Yuwono, Jessica Kholinne, Garrie Gastony, Rhoald Marcelius
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #2

Chron_Comm_02cover_webNazi saboteurs have overrun Chronos Command, and made off with a Chronosphere core – a priceless piece of Allied technology that could change the course of the Time War!

Can the Sarge, his crack squad depleted after the white-knuckle events of #1, mount a daring recovery mission into the past with a unit of rookies? You’d better hope so — because all of history rides on the outcome!

First, lets talk about the art from Stuart Jennett who pulls double duty as the writer. The painted art is jaw dropping and so cool looking. There’s only a few artists who can pull this off and Jennett is up there with a style that makes each character unique and stand out, something some artists of this style have issues with. The art alone makes it a “buy.”

Next is the story which continues the pulpy B-movie fun involving time travel, dinosaurs and Nazis. That combination, how can it not be enjoyable? But, like the first issue, the characters are cookie-cutter and fill their role as the adventure moves along. You have the grizzled leader, the scientist who isn’t a soldier, and the red-shirts that you know will die at some point. They all have their role and fill it well.

The comic is just a lot of fun, it feels like a pulp movie. Rarely does a comic deliver exactly what you expect and does so with as much fun. We’re two issues in and I still think this is one of the most fun comics of the summer.

Story: Stuart Jennett Art: Stuart Jennett
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

It Came! #1

IT CAME! CoverWitness a very British invasion!

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will love this hilarious B-movie romp, a knowing throwback to the heyday of low-budget SF cinema – in comic book form!

An enormous alien robot lays waste to the English countryside, annihilating bunting, villages and diagonally-sliced sandwiches alike! Only the pipe-chomping space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his assistant Doris Night (a lady) stand a chance of stopping it from marching all the way to London – but can they possibly escape the grasp of GRURK and get the might of the British Army on their side?!

Keep your upper lips stiff, your ties immaculately knotted, and your notions of gender equality dialled back sixty years – for the sake of the planet!

It Came! feels like a lost classic movie, in this case from Pinetree Studios, filled with advertisements that draw you further into the time this might have come out.

Writer and artist Dan Boultwood continues Titan Comics’ dominance of the B-movie done in comic form with a story that not only feels like a B-movie plot wise, but also pulls from the sexism and misogyny of that time. You’re sucked in and at no point is Boultwood breaking character to update the tale.

Comics are supposed to be fun and Boultwood clearly understands that. This is a great debut and another example why Titan Comics is a publisher to keep an eye on.

Story: Dan Boultwood Art: Dan Boultwood
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Lenore #8

Lenore#8-coveraWhen a film crew from the “Ghosty Toasty” TV show: “Where we toast that ghost!” turns up at Lenore’s mansion in search of ‘ghosts and ghouls’… they get more than they bargained for, much, much more!

Issue #8 of Lenore marks the beginning of the end for one of Lenore’s main characters; with the start of a four-issue story-arc that will culminate in a fight-to-the-death between two of the comic’s most beloved characters. But who will stand victorious – and who will die, never to live again..?

Each of the four issues will also reveal the shocking truth behind the mask of Taxidermy (perhaps Lenore’s most mysterious and sinister character) and reveal his incredible history, which started back in the days of ancient Egypt!

It’s been a long time since I picked up an issue of Lenore, but even after all these years, creator Roman Dirge has continued the cute and twisted series in exactly the same messed up way I remember. The comic is hilarious, to the point I was laughing out loud numerous times and had people staring at me trying to figure out what I was reading and why it was so funny.

The cute beginning, the skewering of the “ghost hunting” shows that’s on television, and all in a package that moves along Lenore’s story. It all works together in a fun and twisted way.

I got to the end and felt like it’s been too long since I picked up a copy of Lenore. I’ve clearly been depriving myself and need to go back and find out what I’ve been missing all these years.

Story: Roman Dirge Art: Roman Dirge
Story 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Tomorrrowland #1

TomorrowLand (Atomeka)From the Eisner award-winning writer of Spider-ManWolverine: OriginThe Inhumans and The Darkness comes a music-led adventure like no other!

Meet Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, two young DJs – and the public faces of the world-renowned Tomorrowland festival – as they are drawn into an impossible adventure to save the vital spark of creativity!

Over the course of this retina-blasting fantasy adventure, the pair find themselves sucked into an eternal war between two worlds, a battle waged between the forces of creation and destruction for the energy we all carry inside us. It’s a war we’re rapidly losing, but can two DJs turn the tide over the course of just one festival?

I went into this comic with no idea what to expect. I’ve seen the build up and the previews and other than it taking place at some music festival, I was in the dark. The comic is best described as a modern fantasy with music acting as magic and full of the types of characters and monsters you’d expect in that type of story.

The characters are interesting too, I’m still not quite sure if I’m totally bought in and like the two protagonists. I’m not bought in that I’m cheering for them right now. Something just doesn’t sit right yet. Maybe it’s because I’m long disconnected from the type of world and environment they live in?

The art though is fantastic, with a great look and feel about it, that’s a major draw to the comic. The look is amazing.

The first issue was enough for me to come back for the second. It’s interesting and unique enough to stand out. We’ll see though what the second issue has in store and if that’ll keep my interest and enjoyment more than just something pretty to look at.

Story: Paul Jenkins Art: Stellar Labs
Story: 7.75 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Buy

Numbercruncher #1

Numbercruncher_#1_FinalCoverLayout_lowNumbercruncher is an  off-the-wall romance mixing time-travel, life-after-death and coal-black comedy is by Si Spurrier and  P.J. Holden.

Utterly unusual, vaguely insane, and unexpectedly heart-warming, Numbercruncher follows a brilliant mathematician who dies young, enters the afterlife and discovers a way to cheat the terrifying Divine Calculator. He schemes to be endlessly reincarnated within the lifespan of the woman he loves, no matter how often the violent bailiffs of the Karmic Accountancy cut short each life. It falls to one such bailiff – the surly Bastard Zane – to put a stop to the time-twisting romance once and for all, before the Mathematician can pull-off his greatest trick and escape Existential Justice forever!

Numbercruncher was originally serialized in black & white in Judge Dredd Megazine in the UK. The series is now being newly colored and expanded for the first time by Titan Comics. And that coloring is something that stands out to me, because it’s not the entire comic, instead just specific panels and parts. It’s a look that’s very cool and really catches the eye.

Overall the story is highly entertaining with a concept I haven’t quite seen before. The concept is an interesting one with a new spin in life after death and a main character in Bastard Zane who you can’t quite cheer for. But, at the same time, he’s entertaining, hell the whole world is really entertaining.

The fact that this comic is a reprint doesn’t phase me at all, it’s all new material in my eyes. And it’s material that I find engrossing and creative. I want to see what comes next and where this all goes. If you’ve never read the series before, absolutely check this one out. Another example why Titan Comics is a titan in the industry.

Story: Si Spurrier Art: PJ Holden
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review

SDCC 2013: Titan Comics Launches in July With New Line Rolling Out!

PrintTitan Comics, the new venture from publishing giant, Titan, launches in July 2013 – with new titles released throughout the rest of the year and beyond!

The first wave comprises debut dinosaur spectacular Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol by writer/artist Stuart Jennett; afterlife thriller Numbercruncher, by writer Si Spurrier, artist P.J. Holden and colorist Jordie Bellaire; B-movie comedy IT CAME! by Dan Boultwood; high-fantasy comedy Thrud the Barbarian by writer/artist Carl Critchlow, new horror fantasy collection Razorjack by Watchmen colorist John Higgins – plus the completely remastered and relettered library of The First Kingdom by comics legend Jack Katz!

The next wave, beginning in October begins with game-changing post-superheroic statement Death Sentence, by writer Monty Nero and artist Mike Dowling and classic fantasy epic Marada The She-Wolf by Chris Claremont and John Bolton.

Titan Comics kicks everything off at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, showcasing brand-new comics and collections available for the first time exclusively at the show. You can find them at the Titan booth #5537 and at special events programming of which you can find out below.

A number of new collections will be available for the first time at SDCC, with creator signings to support:

  • Jack Katz will be signing copies of The First Kingdom Vol.1: The Birth of Tundran on Friday at 3:00PM
  • John Higgins will be signing copies of Razorjack on Friday at 4:00PM
  • Dave Elliott, Dave Dorman, Alex Horley and Andy Kuhn will be signing copies of Monster Massacre, Sharky and A1 on Friday at 1:30PM
  • Roman Dirge will be signing copies of Lenore: Purple Nurples on Thursday at 4:30PM

Other collections available for the first time at SDCC include the Eagle-Award-Winning Barbarian comedy series Thrud the Barbarian, by Carl Critchlow, and Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil.

With the hotly anticipated first issue of Numbercruncher hitting stores on July 17, Titan Comics is offering SDCC attendees a FREE exclusive art card signed by Si Spurrier with every copy of Numbercruncher #1 purchased – only available at Titan booth #5537.

The full schedule of Titan Comics SDCC activity includes:


Portfolio Review: Titan Comics

Thursday July 18, 10:00AM – 12:30PM, PR B

Steve White, Titan Comics Senior Editor will be holding portfolio reviews on Friday at 10:00AM – 12:30PM, PR B.

Panel: Roman Dirge REBUILT

Thursday July 18, 3:00PM – 4:00PM, Room: 28DE

Earlier this year, Lenore creator Roman Dirge was almost killed in a Sunset Boulevard hit-and-run that left him lying in hospital with a shattered leg. After months of painful physical therapy, Roman is back – better, stronger… but not necessarily faster… – and is here to discuss his long road to recovery, his return to the drawing board with Lenore issue #8 and his fourth Titan Lenore collection:  Purples Nurples (which will be debuting at the show).

Signing: Lenore – Roman Dirge

Thursday July 18, 4:30PM – 5:30PM, Autograph Alley AA04

Lenore: Purples Nurples – available for the first time at SDCC!

Creator Roman Dirge will be signing copies of his fourth Titan Lenore collection: Purples Nurples on Thursday at 4:30PM – 5:30PM in Autograph Alley AA04.

FRIDAY JULY 19, 2013

Panel: Titan Comics – Launching at SDCC and Beyond!

Friday July 19, 12:00PM – 1:00PM, Room: 32AB

Titan Comics, the new venture from publishing giant, Titan, offering the best original creator-owned comics, alongside new and classic graphic novels, launches this year at SDCC! With all the buzz that’s been generated by first-wave titles like Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier (X-Men Legacy) and The First Kingdom by comics legend Jack Katz, 2013 looks set to be the year of Titan Comics!

Meet the key players behind the new line, go behind-the-scenes of new titles with creators, see exclusive preview art and hear exclusive announcements about brand-new originated titles by new and world-renowned talent!

Guests include: Jack Katz (First Kingdom), John Higgins (Razorjack), Dave Elliott (A1, Monster Massacre, Sharky), Steve White (Titan Comics, Senior Editor) and more!

All attendees to the panel will receive a special limited edition double-sided poster: an IT CAME! 1950s themed cinema style poster, signed by creator Dan Boultwood, and a fantastic Numbercruncher image by artist P.J. Holden. (This limited edition poster is only available to panel attendees).

Signing: Monster Massacre – Dave Elliott, Dave Dorman, Alex Horley and Andy Kuhn

Friday July 19, 1:30PM – 2:30PM, Autograph Alley AA02

Monster Massacre Vol.1 & Sharky – available for the first time at SDCC!

Creators Dave Elliott, Dave Dorman, Alex Horley and Andy Kuhn will be signing copies of Monster Massacre, Sharky and A1 on Friday at 1:30PM – 2:30PM in Autograph Alley AA02.

Attendees to the signing will receive a FREE limited edition signed art print by Mark A. Nelson with every copy of Monster Massacre purchased. (Limited to 50 – first come, first served)

Signing: The First Kingdom – Jack Katz

Friday July 19, 3:00PM – 5:00PM, Autograph Alley AA07

The First Kingdom Vol.1: The Birth of Tundran – available for the first time at SDCC! Creator Jack Katz will be signing copies of The First Kingdom Vol.1: The Birth of Tundran on Friday at 3:00PM – 5:00PM in Autograph Alley AA07.

Attendees to the signing will receive a FREE limited edition signed art card by Jack Katz with every copy of First Kingdom purchased. (Limited to 100 – first come, first served)

Signing: Razorjack – John Higgins

Friday July 19, 4:00PM-5:00PM, Autograph Alley AA03

Razorjack – available for the first time at SDCC!

Creator John Higgins will be signing copies of Razorjack on Friday at 4:00PM – 5:00PM in Autograph Alley AA03.

Attendees to the signing will receive a FREE limited edition Razorjack patch designed by Sally Hurst & John Higgins with every copy of Razorjack purchased. Plus, get your photo taken with Razorjack herself!

SUNDAY JULY 21, 2013

Portfolio Review: Titan Comics

Sunday July 21, 10:00AM – 12:30PM, PR B

Steve White, Titan Comics, Senior Editor will be holding portfolio reviews on Sunday at 10:00AM – 12:30PM, PR B.

Titan Comics Launches It Came! A 1950s B-Movie Comedy From The Vaults of Movie History!

Titan Comics LogoTitan Comics is pleased to announce the launch of the brand-new creator-owned series, It Came! – a four-issue, 1950s B-movie style mini-series by Dan Boultwood.

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will love this hilarious romp, a knowing throwback to the heyday of low-budget Sci-Fi cinema! Trundling through the 1950s British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr. Boy Brett and the suitably chaperoned Doris Night pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman’s… But waiting for them outside is a most unwelcome visitor: Grurk, an indestructible, rampaging robot from outer space, on a mission to harvest the British Blitz spirit for energy!

Pursuing Grurk in their Morris Minor, will Boy and Doris be able to save the British from a life without stiff upper lippedness, or will Her Majesty’s Kingdom be forever resigned to an eternity down in the mouth?

Dan Boultwood was a long-time collaborator with award-winning writer, Tony Lee, having worked together on the Eagle award-nominated, Hope Falls, The Baker Street Irregulars and Prince of Baghdad for weekly British children’s anthology comic, The DFC. Now, Dan Boultwood makes the leap from critically acclaimed illustrator to all-round creator in this splendidly spiffing comic series.

Quaff that hair, knot that tie and keep your notions of gender equality dialed back sixty years – for the sake of the planet!

It Came! #1 will hit comic stores on Aug 7, 2013. The series will also be available to read day and date on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and comiXology.com

IT CAME! Cover