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Dark Horse Comics Launches ePlate Credit Card Experience

Dark Horse has launched the first comic book payments application for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate credit card device.  The innovative offering lets consumers earn exclusive Dark Horse digital comics with every purchase.

When the Dark Horse experience is selected, a consumer will earn a page from multiple ePlate exclusive comic book series for every $35 the consumer spends anywhere they use their Dynamics ePlate credit card device.  The pages are delivered instantly to their mobile phone the second the purchase is completed.  When all pages in a comic book series are collected, the consumer is mailed physical, collector-edition copies of each comic free-of-charge.

Consumers who use their ePlate credit card device to make purchases through Dark Horse’s Digital store, TFAW.com, or one of the Things From Another World retail stores will be credited double for their purchases.

The first five-issue ePlate exclusive series is Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast.  The second exclusive issue is a ground-breaking team-up between Dark Horse favorites Captain Midnight, Ghost, and X.

NYCC 2012 – Dark Horse Comics and Dynamics Inc. To Reveal Exclusive Comics For Next-Gen ePlate Credit Card

Dark Horse Comics will reveal two new exclusive comic book series for the ePlate™ payment device at New York Comic Con. The Dark Horse experience™ application is a payments application for the new battery-powered ePlate™ credit card. With every purchase, card carrying comics fans can earn exclusive issues of two new series of Dark Horse comics.  The first exclusive series is Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast.  The second exclusive series is a team-up of Dark Horse characters X, Ghost and Captain Midnight!

To celebrate, Dark Horse will be hosting a signing with Dark Horse president, Mike Richardson, as well as Ghost artist, Phil Noto, and Captain Midnight writer, Joshua Williamson at New York Comic Con on Friday October 12 at 10AM in booth #1528, and will distribute  a limited number of  special edition prototype, demonstration ePlate™ devices to attendees.

At any time, an ePlate™ user  can select to use the Dark Horse experience™ application for the ePlate™ payment device.  The Dark Horse application allows users to earn pages of exclusive Dark Horse comic books with each purchase.  After all pages of a particular comic are obtained, the user is provided with a complete digital comic. After a certain number of digital comic books are collected, Dark Horse provides, at no cost to the user, a collectible print copy of each exclusive comic book earned, unavailable anywhere else!

The ePlate™ payment device is subject to a credit approval.