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ComicBlitz Celebrates 2 Years With New Publishers, Promotions, and Free Comics

On their 2 Year Anniversary, ComicBlitz, the digital comic book subscription service, is celebrating with the launch of three new publishing partners, and new offers for readers! To ring in the Anniversary of their launch at New York Comic Con, ComicBlitz is offering their current readership and new readers a whole lot.

First and foremost, in the month leading up to this anniversary, ComicBlitz has added several notable publishers to their library, including today’s newest addition, Lion Forge Comics. There are several #1 issues from Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime imprint now available for free on the service. Other recent additions include Antarctic Press, and Space Goat Productions. With a reliable weekly release schedule, today boasts the unlimited comics subscription platform’s largest release to date, with over 50 new comics being released from publishers such as IDW, Aspen, Devil’s Due, Zenescope, and many more.

For new readers, when you sign up and enter the promo code blitzanny2, you’ll get your first month of the ComicBlitz Unlimited Subscription Plan for only $2 (regular price $7.99). The service will also be offering the first 2 issues of their 2 most popular titles in their 2 year history, Divinity #1 & 2 from Valiant Comics, and The Boys #1 & 2 from Dynamite Entertainment in addition to hundreds of other #1 issues for free.

ComicBlitz Launches on Android

ComicBlitz has launched their digital comics service on Android with a new app. ComicBlitz is an all-you-can-read comics app featuring more than 4,500 comics and graphic novels representing more than 750 titles and more than 25 publishers such as IDW, Valiant, Top Cow, Dynamite, Action Lab, Zenescope, Aspen, Abrams ComicArts, DMC Comics and many others. The premium monthly subscription price for the full comic library is $7.99.

The company has all be running a crowdfunding investor campaign on WeFunder where over 200 individuals have contributed close to $100,000.

WeFunder allows fans, enthusiasts, and supporters to invest in the company. The investments will be used to strike deals with other top key publishers and to continuously improve the overall consumer features.

The campaign is set to close on April 29.

ComicBlitz Launches Industry’s First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

cb_phone_homeToday, startup ComicBlitz, has announced they’re launching an equity crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder.com. This move allows fans to participate as investors in the company’s growth. ComicBlitz is a digital comics subcription service that offers unlimited access to comics from multiple publishers.

Currently, ComicBlitz offers consumers full and unlimited access to more than 4,500 comics and graphic novels representing more than 750 titles from publishers such as IDW, Valiant, Top Cow, Dynamite, Action Lab, Zenescope, Aspen, Abrams ComicArts, DMC Comics and many others. The premium monthly subscription price is $7.99.

The WeFunder campaign gives participants the ability to not only invest in something they care about but get direct lines of communication with the top decision makers. WeFunder is the number one equity crowdfunding site in the U.S. for startups in terms of participation and revenues raised.

Next steps for the company, according to ComicBlitz’s CTO and Co-Founder Greg Weiss, include bringing on additional key publishers, adding enhanced features and creating an even more streamlined user experience.  ComicBlitz is also gearing up a self-publishing portal for indie creators and anyone else to easily upload their content for free, tap into the ComicBlitz audience and earn royalties.  It will be an automated system where individual creators can upload their work seamlessly into the ComicBlitz system. The company will have final approval on all content.

Currently available on iOS devices, the company recently launched a beta for Android.

ComicBlitz’s Android Public Beta Kicks Off

As announced last week, ComicBlitz, often called the “Netflix of digital comic books,” opens up an exclusive testing opportunity of their long awaited Android beta test to comics fans beginning today.

ComicBlitz sprung from it’s founder’s lifelong love of comics, and seeks to provide an alternative to existing platforms, putting the end user ahead of all other interests to provide the premier digital comics reading experience.

ComicBlitz’s new Android beta app gives users unlimited access to over 4,000 digital comics and graphic novels from top tier publishers like IDW, Top Cow, Dynamite, Valiant Entertainment, and more!

Comic fans can visit comicblitz.com today to sign up for this exclusive opportunity to beta test the upcoming ComicBlitz Android app!


ComicBlitz Opens Up Its Android App Beta. App Launching in January.

comicblitzComicBlitz announced today that it would launch an Android version of its App in early 2017. A beta test of that app was announced to begin December 19. ComicBlitz is a “Netflix like” service for digital comics and recently added IDW Publishing to its offerings.

Comic Blitz’s new Android beta app gives users unlimited access to over 4,000 digital comics and graphic novels from top tier publishers like IDW, Top Cow, Dynamite, Valiant Entertainment, and more!

ComicBlitz is an “all you can read” digital comics service that currently has a tiered service from a basic free platform limited to a few dozen comics, 10 comics a month for $3.99, or unlimited reading for $7.99.

Digital comic fans can visit comicblitz.com today to sign up for the opportunity to beta test the upcoming ComicBlitz Android app.

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ComicBlitz Adds IDW Publishing and Drops Their Pricing

idw-comicblitzComicBlitz continues to add comic publishers to their digital comics platform. It has been announced that IDW Publishing has joined with hundreds of comics and graphic novels will be rolling out over the next few months on the platform, starting today with over 125 issues of titles such as Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Dungeons & Dragons, Locke & Key, The Crow, Angel, Judge Dredd and more. Upcoming titles include 30 Days of Night, Jem and The Holograms, Angry Birds, Skylanders, Samurai Jack, The Maxx, Danger Girl, and even more from the initial wave of titles.

ComicBlitz is an “all you can read” digital service, but unlike some others, there isn’t a rotation of what’s available.

Also with the addition of IDW, ComicBlitz has announced that they have lowered their prices with two tiers. The platform has a new lower Unlimited Plan from $9.99 to $7.99 per month for a limited time.  For the price of 2 comics, users now have unlimited access to over 4,500 comics and graphic novels at their fingertips.

In addition, ComicBlitz has added an all-new Basic Plan, a low cost entry point for new users!  For the price of one new comic, at just $3.99/mo, users have unlimited access to any ten comics of their choosing, as well as access to features like offline reading, bookshelf usage, rating, reviewing, and social media sharing.

ComicBlitz Expands to the Web

ipad-browseThe battle for “all you can read” comics has heated up as ComicBlitz has announced the digital platform will be expanding to a web app from its iOS roots on June 21st.

Having launched in October 2015, the “Netflix like” digital comic service had just been available to iOS users leaving Android and Windows users waiting for their turn. Now, that wait is over. The company has expanded its reach “with the launch of a universally compatible web app that operates on all devices — PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones on any OS (Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS).”

ComicBlitz costs $9.99 a month with the first 30 days free. The service offers comics from publishers such as Valiant, Dynamite, Action Lab, Aspen, Darby Pop, and more.

Though the iOS app currently remains the sole native app for ComicBlitz, the company is planning to unveil an Android app in the near future.

Two key features of the app is that it “streams” comic books rather than having to download each comic, providing faster, easier reading without burdening device memory. Also content does not “rotate”, which means once the content arrives on ComicBlitz, it remains on the platform indefinitely so the user does not have to rush to complete a series. This differentiates itself from comiXology Unlimited which will have a rotating choice of comics.


ComicBlitz Announces the First “Free ComicBlitz Day” and Gives Away 3 Month Subscriptions

ComicBlitz has announced Free ComicBlitz Day which takes place today May 11, 2016. The company has announced that during the event they’ll offer 3 free months of the digital comic service as well as access to comic books released by publishers for Free Comic Book Day. The sign up process is normal, in that you create your account and provide your credit card information, but your first 3 months are free. Afterwards the cost is $9.99 a month for the all you can read service.

Participating publishers include some of ComicBlitz’s current stable — Valiant, Dynamite, Action Lab, Aspen, T Pub, and Asylum amongst others — along with Oni Press and Devil’s Due/1First Comics . The offer started at midnight EDT, and runs for 24 hours.

ComicBlitz descibes itself as the “Netflix of digital comics” and is an online and mobile distributor of comic books and graphic novels. Founded in October 2015, it is the digital home of over 3000 comics and graphic novels, 500 titles, 20 publishers, and growing.


ComicBlitz Launches Their “Netflix” Like Digital Comic Books App

ipad-v3After months of speculation and build up, ComicBlitz, the latest entry into the digital comics app space has launched, just ahead of New York Comic Con. The newest digital comics app is an all you can read subsription servive available for iOS. You can get the app now for the iPad (iOS8 or later) through the iTunes store.

The app is launching with 2,000 comics and over 50,000 pages and includes comics from Valiant, Dynamite Entertainment, Aspen, Zenescope, Action Lab Entertainment, and more.

As mentioned in their release, Chief Executive Office Jordan Plosky said the company’s goal is to make digital comics more affordable as well as getting more people reading than ever before. The hope is to offer a true binge reading experience.

Subscribers will be able to download up to 1GB of comics for offline reading, create custom reading lists, a bookshelf where you can save comics to read later, as well as rating and reviewing comics.

Those who subscribe for a membership today will get the first month of service free. New subscribers will also be entered to win prizes from the apps’ launch publishers. Subscriptions will run $9.99 according to the website.

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