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DC is Not Quite Millar’s Nemesis

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NemesisReports surfaced that DC wasn’t happy about the Mark Millar’s upcoming Marvel/Icon’s series Nemesis and slapped it with some legal wrangling to get it’s cover pulled.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Millar says this isn’t quite the case and the reports were blown out of proportion.

According to Millar’s interview with CBR:

In all honesty, the story has been massively misreported.  There is no issue at all here. Someone simply saw that the image we had planned for the first cover had been removed and assumed DC had hit us with a writ or something. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the whole thing is much more informal. What happened was that someone in DC editorial was a little worried that we were casually mentioning two of their characters in interviews and asked legal to ask us not to. The legal guys at DC, who are friends of mine, just dropped me a casual, informal email asking me to be cool, and I agreed, promising them that Steve and I wouldn’t cross any kind of line in the promotion of ‘Nemesis.’

Steve and I both have a good relationship with DC, and I’m friends with about half the staff. So we chatted about it and as a courtesy removed the cover image we planned, which we both felt might just be a little too playful. DC knew this was a gesture of goodwill and appreciated it, but they absolutely didn’t ask us to remove it. Everyone is on very good terms, and there is absolutely no issue here.

Women Take on Girl Comics

With the recent announcement by Marvel of their anthology, Girl Comics, the discussion of the role of women concerning the comic book industry has kicked up again.

Kelly Thompson has a nice article over at Comic Book Resources looking at the subject which she discusses with Mariah Huehner who’s an editor for IDW.

You can read the article at http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2009/12/21/she-has-no-head-a-feminist-dialogue-about-girl-comics-aka-feminists-talk-about-stuff/.

There’s amazing female talent in the industry both as writers, artists and editors.  It’s blatant that Marvel has decided that their comics line of big guns and big boobs aren’t playing to a female audience and they need to branch out.  To do so they’ve decided in the past to play on stereotypes with series like Models, Inc., which recently guest starred Tim Dunn of Project Runway fame.  Girl Comics has yet to be released but it’s nice to see a series that takes a spotlight to the female talent in the industry.  Whoever decided on the name though should be beat.  We’ll have to wait and see how the series plays out when it’s released, it’s all about the content.  Carry on.

Comic Legends About the Comics Code

Comics Code AuthorityComic Book Resources runs a wonderful weekly feature examining legends and rumors in the comic book book industry.  This past weeks edition takes a look at some various legends surround the formation of the comics codes.

  • Frederic Wertham supported the Comics Code.
  • EC and other comic companies stopped making horror comics before the Comics Code banned them.
  • The Comics Code was not only not the first Comics Code to be created, but earlier concern over the content of comic books helped lead to the creation of Wonder Woman (in a round about way)!

You can read the answers at http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2009/11/26/comic-book-legends-revealed-235/

President Clinton Joins Resurrection

Marc Guggenheim has written some good books and television shows.  His run on Young X-Men was underrated and Eli Stone was a television series that just never quite caught on and was canceled too soon.

His Oni Press series Resurrection gets a Presidential boost when the 42nd President of the United States joins the cast in issue #4.  The series takes place after an alien invasion and ten year occupation of Earth.

Oni has revealed that President Clinton will join the series as a regular cast member in the next issue.  His entrance will further complicate the struggle of rebuilding society post-invasion. Comic Book Resources spoke with writer Marc Guggenheim about what the President’s appearance will mean for the “Resurrection” cast.

President Clinton first appeared in the series in the first issue of volume 2.  While addressing the nation from Air Force One he was attacked by alien invaders.  What he’s been up to since that attack will be a central mystery of the series’ latest arc.

“I don’t want to spoil too much, obviously, but he does survive the crash landing of Air Force One. But there’s a very real question of whether he’s in charge of the country after that point,” Guggenheim told CBR.

With numerous groups jockeying for control of a rebuilding society how does the return of the last American President affect the order of things?

“One of the questions I want the characters to ponder is whether the Constitution is a document that can survive its physical destruction. Are laws something that are written down, or are they part of something more enduring? Interesting questions that I hope will make for an interesting story.”

There have been numerous appearances of Presidents in comic books with President Obama becoming a fad lately, helping to boost sales.  This might be the first instance of a President becoming a regular cast member of a series.

“For me, the challenge is remembering to write him the same way I would write any of the other characters in the book and not shy away from moments that make him seem real, human and/or vulnerable,” Guggenheim said. “The whole point in bringing Clinton into the book as a regular cast member is to treat him like a regular cast member. It’s tempting to put him on some kind of presidential pedestal, but even the ‘real life’ Clinton is, after all, just a man. I’m not making it a story point or anything, but he puts his pants on one leg at a time, y’know?”

Pearl Harbor in a Comic from November 1941?

I’m a fan of ComicBookResources weekly “Comic Book Urban Legend” feature.  It always has obscure interesting facts, and I highly recommend people interested in comic book history to check it out regularly.  So, this weeks edition has an interesting story regarding a comic featuring Pearl Harbor being attacked.  It’s publish date was November, 1941.

Pretty interesting history, check it out.