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Valiant’s Ninjak #0 Expands with Kindt, Gage, Portela, Giorello & Five Special Guests

Valiant has unveiled the complete cast of sensational guest artists joining September’s Ninjak #0AN EXPLOSIVE 40-PAGE JUMPING-ON POINT and ALL-NEW VALIANT MILESTONE chronicling the final chapter of writer Matt Kindt’s record-setting run on the adventures of England’s dreaded super-spy…and passing the torch to the incoming creative team of writer Christos Gage and artist Tomas Giorello in advance of November’s Ninja-K #1!

On September 13th, Colin King’s life as MI-6’s most elite operative finally comes full circle as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and acclaimed artist Francis Portela reveal a never-before-told secret at the heart of Ninjak’s training and origin! Told in an innovative storytelling style, Ninjak #0’s lead story will feature Portela joined by one of five guest artists – including Roberto de la Torre, Khari Evans, and Juan Jose Ryp alongside newcomers Sija Hong and MJ Kim – as they juxtapose moments from Ninjak’s present and past side-by-side for an action-packed tour de force!

Behind the years of training… Underneath the high-tech gadgetry… MI-6’s most experienced operative is still flesh and blood. So just how is a mortal man like Colin King able to survive in a world filled with telekinetic psiots, eternal warriors, and sentient suits of alien armor? As a result, the key to Ninjak’s survival is buried deep in the past…and today the world’s most dreaded super-spy prepares to reveal his most closely guarded secrets!

Then, after Ninjak #0’s main feature, steel yourself for Ninjak’s launch into a brand-new ongoing series this November in the pages of Ninja-K #1 as Christos Gage and artist Tomas Giorello takes the reins of Colin King’s death-defying escapades with AN EXCLUSIVE PRELUDE TALE that directly sets the stage for the winter’s most anticipated new series!

In addition, the issue features covers by David Mack, Clayton Henry, rising star Yama Orce, Peter Bagge, and Javier Pulido!

Ninjak #0 is on sale September 13th!