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It’s Saturday and the weekend, and for those that follow internet memes, it comes after Friday.  It’s also sees the second major comic convention, Chicago’s C2e2.  Below is a special sections covering the news of the convention as well as the normal items we missed.

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Your Latest Reboot Is Sonic the Hedgehog’s Comic Book SeriesI’ve never been a huge Sonic fan.  I can’t wait for Mega Man though.

Primary Ignition – Comic Book Bloopers: Superman Loses His Religion – An interesting discussion about Superman and religion.

Winnipeg Free Press – ‘Comic Books Go To War’ examines cartoonist-journalists in world hot spots – Comic books and graphic novels are becoming a more acceptable form of examining news and current events.

Shelfari – Graphic Novel Friday: Interview with Mike Mignola – Nice interview with the well known comic creator.

Arts Beat – Meet the Super-Parents: Kevin Costner to Play Clark Kent’s Dad – With Diane Lane as his mom.

Bleeding Cool – C. Thomas Howell Has Some Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers For YouSoul Man is a classic!

C2E2 Coverage:

Comic Book Resources – C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Remender’s Apocalyptic “Dark Angel Saga”

Comic Book Resources – C2E2: DC Nation

Comic Book Resources – C2E2: Welcome To The X-Men

Comic Book Resources – C2E2: Green Lantern Panel

Comic Book Resources – C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: “Star Wars: Dark Times” Strikes Back

Bleeding Cool – The C2E2 X-Men Slideshow

Bleeding Cool – Transforming Libraries At C2E2 With Greg Baldino

Bleeding Cool – Thor Movie Promotion At C2E2 – Pics And Video

Bleeding Cool – The Doors Open At C2E2, Now With Added Paul Cornell (VIDEO)

Bleeding Cool – Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #4 Out For C2E2

Bleeding Cool – Wandering C2E2 Before The Big Open – With Added Mario Burlesque

Bleeding Cool – In The C2E2 Bar…

Bleeding Cool – First Looks At C2E2 Setup

Bleeding Cool – First Looks At C2E2 Setting Up…

Bleeding Cool – “We’ve Got To Stop Publishing Late Books” – Dan DiDio

DC Source – Flashpoint Friday C2E2 Edition: Your Questions – Answered at C2E2!

DC Source – Flashpoint Friday C2E2 Edition: Fan Question

DC Source – Flashpoint Friday C2E2 Edition: FLASHPOINT goes digital

DC Source – DC Nation heads to Chicago for C2E2 this weekend!

Fantagraphics – Paul Hornschemeier at C2E2

The Beat – C2E2 ready to kick things off

PRLog – RIVER JORDAN, A Graphic Novel by Merik Tadros to be Launched at C2E2

Around the Tube Reviews:

Playback – Fear Itself: The Book of the Skull (Marvel)

Around the Tweets:

C. Thomas Howell in Spidey 4

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C. Thomas HowellIt looks like the Spider-Man reboot has added another actor to it’s line up.  C. Thomas Howell, who if you know the 80’s was kind of a big deal back then has joined the cast as “Ray.”  The cast also includes Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Irrfan Khan.

Stan Lee also tweeted his cameo is all set.