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Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didn’t Return to Iron Man

Terrence+HowardOn Bravo‘s Watch What Happens, actor Terrence Howard finally dishes as to why he didn’t return to the Iron Man franchise as the character James Rhodes. His was replaced with Don Cheadle.

According to Howard, he was the one that got Robert Downey Jr. the role as Tony Stark/Iron Man and initially both actors had signed up for a three picture deal. When it came time for the second movie, the studio bumped Downey’s salary and offered Howard 1/8 of what was promised stating that the movie would succeed with or without him. That 7/8 Howard hinted went to Downey.

Howard says he contacted Downey about it all and didn’t hear back for 3 months. The movie did go on to succeed in dollars earned, but not quality.

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Spider-Man Teams with Top Chef’s Eli Kirshtein!

Official Press Release

Spider-Man Teams with Top Chef’s Eli Kirshtein!

Marvel’s Famous Web-Slinger Joins Forces With Star Chef From Bravo’s Top Chef

New York, NY – February 25, 2011—Marvel is proud to announce the release of Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For, an all-new story featuring a team up between the world famous wall-crawler and celebrity chef Eli Kirshtein from Bravo’s popular Top Chef, exclusively on the Marvel Comics App and Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for free! Peter Parker, AKA the amazing Spider-Man, takes his girlfriend Carlie on a date to meet Kirshtein at a fancy New York restaurant—but the diabolical Mysterio has plans to ruin everything! Can Spider-Man save the day…and his date?

“C.B. [Cebulski] and I met on Twitter and began to talk about food and comics regularly,” explained Kirshtein. “I on a whim, almost jokingly asked if he could get me into Spider-Man.  With no hesitation he said sure! It’s an amazing honor to be part of the legend that is Spider-Man. It’s every kid’s dream!”

C.B. Cebulski, Marvel SVP of Creator & Content Development, added, “The more we explore the similarities between art and food worlds, the more we’ve discovered certain connections between chefs and comics, especially on a creative level. Upon hearing Eli was a comic fan, asking him to appear in a comic for us seemed like such a natural fit. The fact Eli was also open to playing an active role in the story and helped lend his culinary expertise to ideas on how to help Spidey out of a super-villain jam really added to the overall experience we had making this comic with him!”

Rising star talents Marc Bernardin and Mike Henderson, along with cover artist Ale Garza, bring you the Spider-Man story that’ll show you just who’s the top chef in the Marvel Universe! Check it out Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For right now, for free, on the Marvel Comics App and Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!