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The weekend is almost here and we’re hopefully heading to Small Press Expo! If you’re in the Washington, DC area, it’s a show that’s a must to go to. While you wait for the weekday to end and weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

CBLDF – CBLDF Welcomes Bob Schreck As Deputy Director – An interesting addition.

The Beat – Zack Soto joins Oni Press as Editor – Interesting.


Comics Bulletin – Batman Universe #3

Howard Mackie, Ron Marz, Bob McLeod, David Michelinie, Jerry Ordway, Mike Royer, Bob Schreck, and Bob Wiacek Head to Baltimore Comic Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con returns to the Inner Harbor’s Baltimore Convention Center on October 18-20, 2019. The Baltimore Comic-Con is excited to announce the additions of comics luminaries Howard Mackie, Ron Marz, Bob McLeod, David Michelinie, Jerry Ordway, Mike Royer, Bob Schreck, and Bob Wiacek to the 2019 event. Tickets are available now.

Howard Mackie first gained attention as a writer in 1990, launching a new Ghost Rider title for Marvel, co-creating Danny Ketch as the new host of the Ghost Rider. He wrote Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: Hearts of Darkness and Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: The Dark Design, and took over writing duties on Web of Spider-Man. He would remain on various Spider-Man titles through the Clone Saga. In January 1999, Mackie became writer on relaunches of Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker: Spider-Manseries. Mackie wrote for the X-Men line, including X-Factor and Mutant X. He also wrote several mini-series featuring Gambit, Wolverine, and Rogue. Mackie co-wrote the six-issue Spider-Man: Clone Saga miniseries, based on Mackie’s original notes for the 1990s crossover. At DC Comics, Mackie wrote The Ravagers as part of the “Second Wave” of The New 52. Of late, you can find Howard working for Zenescope Entertainment, writing titles such as Grimm Tales of TerrorJasmine: Crown of Kings, and Robyn Hood: Outlaw.

Ron Marz has been writing comics for more than two decades, starting his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Green Lantern for DC, Star Wars and Conan for Dark Horse, Witchblade for Top Cow, and as a staff writer for CrossGen Comics. Among Marz’s recent work is the rejuvenation of the Top Cow publishing line, including his historic run on Witchblade and the launch of the acclaimed event series Artifacts. He also currently writes the Skylanders series for IDW, John Carter: Warlord of Mars for Dynamite Entertainment, and The Protectors from Athlitacomics, working with NFL player Israel Idonije to develop and launch the concept. 

Marz’s creator-owned series include the all-ages tale Dragon Prince at Top Cow, the historical adventure Samurai: Heaven and Earth, the science-fiction story Pantheon Cityat Dark Horse, and the vampire tale Shinku at Image. Marz and acclaimed artist Stjepan Sejic also have teamed for Ravine, a series of creator-owned fantasy graphic novels from Top Cow/Image. In addition to his comics credits, Marz has worked in the video-game industry on a number of Activison titles, including the Skylanders franchise, and writes a regular column for Comic Book Resources, the #1 comics-related website.

Bob McLeod is best known for co-creating and illustrating The New Mutants for Marvel Comics. He began his career with Marvel’s Crazy magazine, penciling and inking movie and TV satires and the Teen Hulk strip. He has penciled or inked all the major characters for Marvel and DC, including Spider-Man(most notably Kraven’s Last Hunt), The X-MenSupermanBatmanWonder WomanGI JoeStar WarsThe HulkConan, and many more. Bob also wrote and illustrated a children’s alphabet book, Superhero ABC, published by HarperCollins, which received starred reviews. He edited and wrote articles for Twomorrows’ Rough Stuff magazine and taught art at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design for many years. He’s currently doing occasional variant covers for Marvel and commissions for his fans, along with occasional freelance jobs and personal projects. His web site is www.bobmcleod.com

David Michelinie (appearing Saturday and Sunday only, courtesy of The Living Corpse) has been a professional writer for over 45 years. He has written more than 600 comic book stories (Iron ManAmazing Spider-ManAvengers, etc.) in which he created or co-created numerous characters (Venom, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Scott Lang) that have been featured in major motion pictures. 

His comic book efforts have spanned genres from westerns to war to horror to super-hero. In addition to comics work, David has published two novels, has had short stories published in anthologies (Werewolves: Dark Moon Rising) and periodicals (Spider-Man Magazine), and has written scripts for the Nicktoons animated series, Iron Man Armored Adventures. His comic book biography of Mother Teresa won the Catholic Book Award for Best Children’s Book, and his work on the acclaimed Iron Man “Demon In A Bottle” saga was awarded a Certificate Of Merit from a prestigious anti-alcoholism foundation. His most recent work has been in the field of independent comics, and includes The Living Corpse: The Hexx Files.

After an initial foray into fanzines, Jerry Ordway found work at DC Comics as a result of a talent search at the 1980 Chicago Comicon, starting on anthology titles such as Mystery in Space and Weird War Tales. An artist in his own right, he is renowned for his inking work at DC Comics, including the industry-changing Crisis on Infinite EarthsZero Hour: Crisis in Time, and Countdown, as well as runs on SupermanWonder Woman, and JLA, as well as writing and painting The Power of Shazam! OGN and writing the monthly series that followed.

Drawn to Southern California, spring 1965, by the lure of a career in Comic Art, Mike Royer spent his first 14 years in comic books, comic strips, and TV animation. Beginning as Russ Manning’s assistant on Magnus, Robot Fighter and Tarzan comic books and then inking and penciling for Western Publishing (Gold Key). His drawing assignments were on TarzanSpace Ghost, coloring books, puzzles, and more for Western, and doing layout on network animation series like Spider-Man. At Gold Key, he wrote/adapted and drew Speed BuggyButch Cassidy and the Sundance KidsTarzan, and Magnus, and designed and executed covers for Hanna-Barbera TV Adventure Heroes, etc. Mike contributed to James Warren’s CreepyEerie, and Vampirella magazines, and began drawing the comic panel Crusin’ record album covers (over 2 dozen to date), many of which he’s scripted. For East Coast firms, he is best known to comic fans for his decade as letterer/inker for legendary Jack Kirby at National and then Marvel. From late spring 1979, Mike spent the next 14 years on staff with the Walt Disney Company in the creative department of their Consumer Product/Licensing division, addressing the areas of book publishing, comic books and strips, and all forms of theme park and licensed merchandise as a character artist/product designer, performing as idea man, concept and final line artist, and sometime inker. At Disney, Mike designed and art directed the Dick Tracy and 3-D Rocketeer comic book Music Company read-alongs. He created the “new look” that launched the massive Winnie the Pooh licensing program in late 1993. Featured in a 43-minute video (How To Draw Pooh) sent to over 40 licensees, Mike takes no small amount of pride in the fact that Pooh soon (and still) outsold Mickey Mouse worldwide. In June 1993, Mike left his staff position to spend the next 7 years full-time freelancing for The Disney Store’s creative group, becoming their “Main Pooh Man” and creating 3-D products utilizing Disney characters. Since the spring of 2000, Mike has functioned as an Art service, doing pencil work on a wide variety of projects, including creating character Orthographic Turns and environment “floor plans” for computer game animators, Digimon products, on-screen icons for Fox Family Channel and Fox Kids Network, Reader Rabbit workbooks, Rescue Heroes toy packaging, and more. Spring 2001 found Mike and Laurie, his lovely wife and concept collaborator, returning to his birth state, Oregon, settling in Medford, and in the process returned to his career roots. And in the last few years, he’s found time to ink such luminaries as Steve Rude and Eric Larsen, to name a couple. Mike continues to create Disney character art for limited edition collector pin sets and does “recreations”. He strongly believes that his passion, attention to detail and accuracy, and his commitment to integrity will keep him at the board for a long time to come.

Bob Schreck is an award-winning editor who has worked in comics since 1975. His publishing career began at Comico in 1985. By 1991, he joined Dark Horse and was the editor of creator-owned titles and the Legend line, where he shepherded Frank Miller’s Sin City and Dark Horse Presents, among many others. In 1997, along with Joe Nozemack, he launched Oni Press, best known for Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics.

In 1999, Schreck joined DC Comics, becoming Group Editor of the Batman franchise. He shepherded projects including DK2Batman: HushSweet ToothBatman: Year 100Daytripper, and Green Arrow. After working briefly at IDW, he landed at Legendary Films as Senior VP-Editor-in-Chief. He has served as the editor for such talents as Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Bernie Wrightson, Fiona Staples, Frank Miller, Jeff Lemire, Guillermo del Toro, Lynn Varley, Paul Pope, Len Wein, Amy Reeder, Dave Gibbons, Scott Morse, Grant Morrison, and many others. Currently, Schreck is semi-retired, doing freelance editing and consulting and living in Oregon with his husband, Randy, and their dog, Bandit.

Bob Wiacek has worked with many great talents such as Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, John and Sal Buscema, Walter Simonson, Frank Miller, Barry Windsor-Smith, George Perez, Jerry Ordway, Paul Smith, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Don Heck, Ron Garney, June Brigman, Colleen Doran, plus many others. He has inked Mike Grell on The Legion of Super Heroes #220 and Al Milgrom on Marvel Presents #7-The Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. From that time on, he has inked every major title for Marvel, including The X-MenSpider-ManThorIron ManCaptain AmericaHulkShe-HulkMan-ThingStar WarsSilver Surfer, and Fantastic Four just to name a few. At DC, he worked on SupermanBatmanGreen LanternBrave and the BoldThe RayBatman FamilyJustice SocietyShazam, and Challengers of the Unknown, which is a small sampling as well.

As far as independent publishers, he did work for Dark Horse, Image, Relium Media, Archie, and Valiant, where he worked on Archer and ArmstrongBloodshot, and Solar. He has inked noteworthy issues in titles including Uncanny X-MenX-FactorStar WarsIron ManBatman, and Bloodshot. On the Iron Man 2020 project, he co-plotted with Walter Simonson and penciled and inked the book (with an able assist from Will Rosado). Of late, Wiacek has helped out inking All New Wolverine and a JLA General Mills comic, which was available in different cereal boxes. He has also inked Badger #1 for First Comics, Stars End #2 from Insane Comics, pencilled and inked the cover to ZaZa the Mystic, and will be working on an Indie project soon with Ron Wilson and Arvell Jones. Outside of comics, he starred in a commercial with rap group G-Unit in 2003, and has a small part in the independent film Manos: The Rise of Torgo, for which he did the poster.

In addition to on-site CGC grading, this year’s confirmed guests for the show include: Neal Adams (Detective Comics), Arantza (fantasy artist), Art Way Alliance, Brian Azzarello (Batman: Damned), Marty Baumann (Disney/Pixar), Carolyn Belefski (Curls), Ziggy Blumenthal (Operation Pajama Pants), Harold Buchholz (MST3K), Mark Buckingham (Justice League Dark), Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, courtesy of AfterShock Comics), Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs), Jim Calafiore (The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute), Joe Carabeo (The Legettes), Richard Case (Doom Patrol), Christa Cassano (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force), Castillo Studios, Jacob Chabot (Ziggy Pig – Silly Seal Comics), Howard Chaykin (Hey Kids! Comics!), Frank Cho (Harley Quinn), Amy Chu (KISS: The End), Matthew oClark (Injustice: Ground Zero), Steve Conley (The Middle Age), Steve Conte (Action Figure Kingdom), Katie Cook (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Jamie Cosley (Star Wars Insider), Kristina Deak-Linsner (Vampirella: Roses for the Dead), The Deans Family (La Moo Du Chocolat: A Shakes Adventure), Steve Ellis (The Only Living Girl), Tod Emko and Piggy (A Piggy’s Tale), Garth Ennis (The Boys, Friday and Saturday only), Rob Feldman (Cyko KO), Chris Flick (Capes & Babes), LJ and Kayla Fowlkes (The Adventures of CHIBIWONGTONG), Shea Fontana (DC SuperHero Girls), Ramona Fradon (The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute), Franco (Superman of Smallville), Julie Fujii Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden), John Gallagher (Max Meow), David Gallaher (The Only Living Girl), SL Gallant (Magic: The Gathering: Chandra – Tales of Alara), Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (DC Nation), Mitch Gerads (Mr. Miracle), Gerhard (Cerberus the Aardvark), Chris Giarrusso (Hashtag: Danger), Jimmy Gownley (Disney Zootopia: School Days), Garth Graham (Star Power), John Patrick Green (Kim Possible Adventures), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), Juanjo Guarnido (Blacksad),  Laura Lee Gulledge (Will & Whit), Bob Hall (West Coast Avengers), Cully Hamner (Batman Beyond), N. Steven Harris (Michael Cray), Dean Haspiel (Bloodshot Rising Spirit), Greg Hildebrandt (Old Man Logan), Javon and Tarik Holmes (The Adventuers of Waffle Boy), Adam Hughes (Superman), Jamal Igle (Wrong Earth), Klaus Janson (New Challengers), Justin Jordan (Reaver), Kata Kane (G.F.F.s Ghost Friends Forever), Chris Kemple (The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute), Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar), Sharlene Kindt (Dept. H), Tom King (Batman), Greg Land (Hulkverines, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Jim Lee (Batman: Hush, Saturday only), Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer), Joseph Michael Linsner (Red Sonja), Howard Mackie (Ghost Rider), Mike Manley (Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Comic), Chris Mariano (Claire Lost Her Bear at the World’s Fair), Mark Mariano (Puddleton Farm: Ewing! What Are You Doing?), Ron Marz (Turok), Xavier McLaren (The Bubbler), John McCrea (Hitman, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Bob McLeod (New Mutants), Carla Speed McNeil (Twisted Romance), Pop Mhan (Raven, Daughter of Darkness), David Michelinie (Amazing Spider-Man, Saturday and Sunday only, courtesy of The Living Corpse), Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico), Mark Morales (Justice League), Jamar Nicholas (Leon: Protector of the Playground), Kevin Nowlan (Black Widow, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Jerry Ordway (Archie Meets Batman ’66), Rachel Ordway (FTL, Y’all!), Greg Pak (Star Wars), Dan Parent (Archie: The Married Life – 10th Anniversary), Paul Pelletier (Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special), Mike Perkins (Swamp Thing), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Mark Poulton (Koni Waves), Andy Price (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Livio Ramondelli (Transformers), Ron Randall (Trekker), Tom Raney (Dog Days of Summer), Afua Richardson (Run), Rafer Roberts (Grumble), Don Rosa (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck), Craig Rousseau (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X), Mike Royer (New Gods), Arsia Rozegar (Man Plus), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Stuart Sayger (KISS: The End), Bob Schreck (Batman: Hush), Greg Schigiel (Pix: One Weirdest Weekend), Erica Schultz (Xena: Warrior Princess), Bart Sears (Turok), Jeff Shultz (Archie Jumbo Comics Digest), Bill Sienkiewicz (New Mutants: War Children), Louise Simonson (Death of Superman), Walter Simonson (Ragnarok), Andy Smith (Demi-God), Brian “Smitty” Smith (The Stuff of Legend), John K. Snyder III (Killers), Allison Sohn (The Art of Red Sonja, Volume 2), Charles Soule (Curse Words), Brian Stelfreeze (Rise of the Black Panther), Jim Steranko (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Karl Story (Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo), William Stout (Fantastic Worlds – The Art of William Stout), Ty Templeton (Marvel Super-Hero Adventures, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Michael Terracciano (Star Power), Billy Tucci (Shi), Gus Vazquez (Big Hero 6), Emilio Velez Jr. (The Dodgeball Teens), Robert Venditti (Hawkman), Doug Wagner (The Hard Place), Mark Waid (Avengers: No Road Home), Adam Wallenta (Punk Taco), Adam Warren (Empowered And Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell), Todd Webb (Mr. Toast Comics), Lee Weeks (Batman), Bob Wiacek (Iron Man), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs), Javier Cruz Winnik (Puerto Rico Strong), Marv Wolfman (Raven: Daughter of Darkness, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Rich Woodall (Electric Black), John Workman (Riverdale), Kelly Yates (Torchwood), and Thom Zahler (Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019).

Around the Tubes

Some of the GP team have the day off but we’re still keeping busy with a day filled with lots of news! While you wait for things to get rolling, here’s comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.


SyFy – At Indigenous Comic Con, Native American geeks have a con to call their own – This sounds fantastic.

The Beat – Bob Schreck is no longer at Legendary Comics – Ruh roh for Legendary Comics.



CBR – Batman: Lost #1

Talking Comics – Master of Kung-Fu #126

The Beat – Stages of Rot

CBLDF News – Frank Miller, Karen Berger & Babymouse Champion Free Speech!

Official Press Release

Frank Miller, Karen Berger & Babymouse
Champion Free Speech In Be Counted Week 3

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund continues its Be Counted membership drive this week, with generous incentives from legendary cartoonist Frank Miller, groundbreaking editor Karen Berger, and the unstoppable team behind Babymouse & Squish – three time Newbery Award honoree Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm!

The CBLDF needs to raise $100,000 by October 31 to pay for its urgent legal and education to work. To date, the organization has raised over $30,000 of that goal. Be Counted and becoming a member of the Fund today. Membership contributions are tax deductible and start at $25 per year. Those who can afford to join at higher levels can take advantage of some of the amazing opportunities available in this campaign. To view all of the Be Counted incentives, featuring opportunities to go backstage at Saturday Night Live, have tea with Neil Gaiman or get your work reviewed by Tom Brevoort or Dan DiDio, among many others, please visit www.cbldf.org.

Here’s this week’s incredible offerings:

Frank Miller

Lunch With Legends: Frank Miller & Bob Schreck in NYC – One member joining CBLDF with a tax-deductible contribution of $5,000 or greater will have the opportunity to go to lunch with comics master Frank Miller, his long-time editor Bob Schreck, and one guest of their choice in NYC! This once in a lifetime opportunity to visit with the game changing author of Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, and Holy Terror and a terrific, tax-deductible way to support the important work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. CBLDF will contact the donor to arrange a time for this event that coincides Frank’s schedule.

Karen Berger

Professional Development Review: Karen Berger – Karen Berger changed the landscape of modern comics when she established Vertigo as an imprint designed to usher in new voices and new directions for comics storytelling. Now the legendary editor who has helped guide work from talent including Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Peter Milligan will review your work and provide one-on-one feedback to help improve your comics! Karen is offering five of these opportunities, to review over email or phone to donors who make a tax-deductible contribution of $400 or better to the CBLDF!

Babymouse Creators Stand Up For Free Speech
In New CBLDF Fundraisers!

Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm don’t just tell stories about doing the right thing, they’re also putting their ethics into action to support free expression in a new round of fundraisers benefiting the First Amendment rights organization Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Right now CBLDF is in the midst of Be Counted, a membership drive aiming to raise money to fund new education programs protecting the right to read. The Holms are aiding the organization by offering several powerful incentives, including auctioning off a walk-on role in Babymouse and one-on-one development reviews for aspiring creators!

“First Amendment rights are very important to me, personally,” says Jennifer Holm, three-time Newbery Honor author and the co-creator of the Babymouse series of graphic novels for young readers. “Children’s books and comics are among the most frequently challenged titles in libraries across the country. As Americans, we need to keep working to protect the freedom we and our children have not only to say and write what we want, but also to read what we want. The First Amendment is about all of us, authors and readers.”

Please help the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by becoming a member today. At higher membership levels you can be rewarded with one of these great incentives provided by the Holms:

Win A Walk-On Role In Babymouse 17! – Support intellectual freedom by bidding on this auction to win a walk-on role in the next volume of Jennifer & Matthew Holm’s hit graphic novel series Babymouse! The winner of this auction will have their name or the name of someone they choose given to a character in Babymouse 17, coming from Random House in Spring 2013. The proceeds of this auction benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s work to protect the First Amendment rights of the comics art form. Membership in the organization is included with this auction. Bid on this auction at myworld.ebay.com/cbldf

Skype Visit With Babymouse Creators Jennifer & Matthew Holm!
– Invite the creators of Babymouse and Squish into your home over Skype to support intellectual freedom! Join the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in this auction and you’ll be able to have a 15 minute Skype visit with these incredible creators and talk about all things Babymouse! Bid on this auction at myworld.ebay.com/cbldf

Professional Development Review: Jennifer L. Holm – Jennifer L. Holm, the three-time Newbery honored NY Times Bestselling author of Turtle in Paradise, Penny from Heaven as well as the graphic novel series Babymouse and Squish offers a rare opportunity to review your writing and provide hard-earned knowledge to help you improve your craft. This rare opportunity to learn from one of the masters of modern young adult fiction. This professional development review is for writers of prose or comics, and will be conducted over Skype. It is available for a tax-deductible $1,000 membership contribution to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Professional Development Review: Matthew Holm – Matthew Holm, co-creator and illustrator of the graphic novel series Babymouse and Squish is offering a professional development review to a donor joining the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for a tax-deductible donation of $500 or greater. This is a rare opportunity to gain insights to help improve your art from one of the prolific masters of modern kids comics! This review will be conducted over Skype.

Personalized Sketched Postcard: Matthew Holm – Matthew Holm has graciously agreed to send a personalized sketched postcard as a thank you to contributors who join the CBLDF at levels of $250 or greater.

Prism Comics Unfurls Ambitious Comic-Con 2011 Schedule

Official Press Release

Prism Comics

Prism Comics Unfurls Ambitious Comic-Con 2011 Schedule

Includes Buffy and X-Men Panels, Superhero Party, Fan Mixer and Silent Auction Featuring Original Artwork By Alex Ross and Dan Parent

SAN DIEGO, CA — Prism Comics, the premier nonprofit supporting LGBT comics, creators, and readers, has unleashed its schedule for Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego, taking place Wednesday, July 20th through Sunday, July 24th. The Con will not only feature an unprecedented four Prism-sponsored panels—with LGBT takes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Men plus two LGBT publishing panels—but also Andy Mangels’ 24th annual “Gays in Comics” panel, a fan mixer with silent auction, a Superhero Party, and portfolio reviews and creator signings all weekend.
“Queer themes in comics have come a long way since Prism began exhibiting many years ago,” says Ted Abenheim, Prism’s Events Chair, “and we’re proud to be representing a wide range of LGBT comics and creators who have been part of that change. The Prism Comics booth—now exapnded to three spaces, has become ‘LGBT Central’ at Comic-Con for fans, professionals and retailers. We’re grateful to Comic-Con for providing this opportunity for diversity. Most of all we’re looking forward to having fun and sharing what we all have in common: a love of comics.”
Prism Comics at Comic-Con 2010

The Prism Comics Booth

Gail Simone

The Prism Comics booth (#2144) boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of LGBT comics for sale anywhere, and will be the site for creator signings and portfolio review by top professionals from both the indies and majors including Phil Jimenez, Gail Simone (pictured), Bob Schreck, Eric Shanower, Michael Troy, Iceman Blue, and more. The booth is also acting as a de facto LGBT small press pavilion for top LGBT creators, including Brian Andersen, Dave Davenport, J.D. Glass, Jeff Krell, Ed Luce, Steve MacIsaac, Brad Rader, and Sean-Z, plus LGBT publishers Northwest Press and Poseur Ink, LGBT fan site Fanboys of the Universe, and Paige Braddock’s “Jane’s World”.
New LGBT comics debuting at Comic-Con include the anti-bullying comic The Power Within from Northwest Press, Brian Andersen’s Friend of Dorothy #2 and Adam Fair‘s This Gay Existence #3, Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf #3 in regular and special editions, Megan Gedris’s YU+ME: dream books 5 & 6, Tab Kimpton’s Khaos Komix Book 2, Mike Schmidt’s Material Girl, and Jeff Krell’s Jayson Comics #1 – Convention Exclusive.
For those applying for the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant, which was established by Prism in 2005 to encourage the publication of new LGBT comics, Prism is offering portfolio review from Noon to 2:00pm, Thursday through Sunday. Reviewers this year include J.D. Glass, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Bob Schreck, Phil Jimenez and Gail Simone. Check the website or the booth for the latest schedule. Before arriving at the Con, applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the submissions guidelines at prismcomics.org/grant.

Four Panel Discussions, plus “Gays in Comics”

Prism is proud to present four official panels at this year’s Comic-Con. Buffy and X-Men fans can rejoice with Prism’s queer look at these two cultural phenomenons, while its publishing and Bent Comix panels explore the worlds of DIY and small press. Prism Comics is also proud to support Andy Mangels’ legendary “Gays In Comics” panel, which will present comics superstars Robert Kirkman, Chip Kidd, Greg Pak, Jon Macy and more. Descriptions of each panel follow:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and LGBT Comics Fandom: Thursday, July 21, 5:00-6:00pm. LGBT fans hailed the revelation in the long-running television hit that one of its main characters, Willow, had fallen in love with another female character, Tara. This groundbreaking depiction of queer love in the TV show has been built upon in the Buffy comic books published by Dark Horse Comics, and Buffy remains one of the most queer-friendly properties in pop culture. Moderator Charles “Zan” Christensen (Prism Comics president) discusses the special relationship between the Buffyverse and LGBT comic book fans with Buffy creators and actors, including Scott Allie, Andrew Chambliss, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Tom Lenk (pictured), and Sierra Hahn, plus you never know if a special guest will appear! Room 32AB
Rictor and Shatterstar from X-FactorLGBTX: The X-Men’s Queer Characters, Themes, and Fans: Thursday, July 21, 6:00-7:00pm. The X-Men and their universe have always been popular with LGBT comics fans. The idea of mutants is seen as an allegory for the reality of difference and persecution, as well as community and power, experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The X-Men have also included compelling queer characters in their roster, including the first gay superhero, Northstar. How have these themes and characters been handled? What are the plans for the future? Moderator Chance Whitmire (Fanboys of the Universe) tries to make sense of it all with panelists Peter David (X-Factor, pictured), Phil Jimenez (Astonishing X-Men), Chuck Kim (Age of X), Marjorie Liu (Daken: Dark Wolverine), Scott Lobdell (Uncanny X-Men), and Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class).  Room 32AB
Publishing Queer: Producing LGBT Comics and Graphic Novels: Friday, July 22, from 1:00-2:00pm. Queer-themed comics, once solely the domain of the gay press, are breaking into the mainstream. What are the challenges and rewards of producing this work and getting it in front of an audience hungry for the material? How can it be marketed and publicized, both to an LGBT readership and beyond? Should queer cartoonists self-publish or look to established publishers? Moderator Justin Hall (Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny, Prism Comics Talent Chair) leads a spirited conversation with a diverse panel of publishing pros: Brian Andersen (self-publisher, So Super Duper), Charles “Zan” Christensen (publisher, Northwest Press), Jacquelene Cohen (publicist, Fantagraphics), Shannon O’Leary (comics editor and journalist), Bob Schreck (editor-in-chief, Legendary Pictures), and Tony Valenzuela (executive director, Lambda Literary Foundation).  Room 9
Bent Comix logoBent Comix: The Next Wave of Gay Cartooning: Saturday, July 23, 4:00-5:00.  A small band of independent gay cartoonists joined forces in 2008 to create Bent Comix. Initially intended as a distribution cooperative, Bent has morphed into something much more dynamic: a true creative community. Last year they created Bent Con, the world’s first queer comics show. Now they’re expanding the convention, their membership, and their mission. In a world where the queer media are disintegrating and publishing is a risky venture, Bent Comix shines a light. Moderator J. D. Glass (Core, Prism Comics Secretary) grills the panelists about their part in creating the future of gay comics. They include Dave Davenport (Hard to Swallow), Jeff Krell (Jayson), Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter), Brad Rader (Harry and Dickless Tom), Jody Wheeler (DoorQ.com), and Sean-Z (Myth).  Room 4
Gays in Comics 2011 panelists
Gays in Comics: Year 24!:  Saturday, July 23, 5:30-7:00pm. Comic-Con International’s longest-running panel, now in its 24th year, boasts an incredible lineup of guests from DC, Marvel, Image, Archie, and the world of independents, making this year’s panel a must-attend event.  Founding moderator Andy Mangels, the USA Today best-selling author of Star Trek novels and Iron Man: Beneath The Armor as well as numerous comic books, welcomes a top-level panel of LGBT and straight creators, who will give amazing insights and glimpses of surprises to come. This year’s guests include Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead and Invincible and head of Image Comics’ Skybound imprint; Chip Kidd, award-winning author, editor and designer of books such as Bat-Manga, Rough Justice, and Jack Cole and Plastic Man; Dan Parent, writer and artist for Archie and Betty & Veronica, and creator of Archie’s new gay character and series, Kevin Keller; Jon Macy, writer and artist of 2010 Lambda Literary Award-winning Teleny and Camille and Prism Comics Queer Press grant recipient for Fearful Hunter; Paul Cornell, writer for TV’s Doctor Who and DC Comics’ upcoming Stormwatch and Demon Knights series; Greg Pak, writer of Incredible Hulks and co-writer of Alpha Flight and Herc; plus, a special video appearance by J.H. Williams III, co-writer and artist of DC’s Batwoman series! Plus, there’s always a surprise or two…  Room 6A

Original art by Dan ParentThe Prism Comics Mixer and Silent Auction

After the “Gays in Comics” panel, stick around for the hour-long gay mixer/social where comics fans and creators can mingle, enter the special drawing for a “Comics Gift Basket”, and bid in the silent auction for must-have items including original art by Alex Ross, Dan Parent (artwork pictured), Phil Jimenez, Carla Speed McNeil, Stephen Sadowski, and much much more, all to benefit Prism Comics and to raise funds for the Queer Press Grant.

The Annual Superhero Party at Rich’s San Diego

Join Prism at the annual Superhero Party scheduled for Friday, July 23, 9:30pm-2:00am at Rich’s Dance Club San Diego, located in San Diego’s Hillcrest district at 1051 University Avenue. There will be a costume contest, drink specials, surprise guests and more!
For the latest details on Prism’s activities, go to prismcomics.org or drop by the Prism booth to pick up The Gay Agenda, Prism’s guide to everything LGBT at the Con. San Diego Comic-Con International is located at the San Diego Convention Center at 111 W. Harbor Drive. For more information, go to comic-con.org/cci.
Prism Comics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) creators, characters, themes and readers in the comic book field. Along with convention appearances, Prism awards an annual Queer Press Grant, and maintains a website (prismcomics.org) with LGBT creator listings and features on all that’s queer in comics.

IDW Statement Regarding Bob Schreck

Official Press Release

IDW Statement Regarding Bob Schreck

San Diego, CA (November 3, 2010) – IDW Publishing today announced that senior editor Bob Schreck has left the company. Schreck is now the Editor in Chief for Legendary Comics, a new division of Legendary Entertainment.

“We appreciate all the hard work Bob has done for IDW, and are sad to see him go,” said IDW CEO, Ted Adams. “But this is a great opportunity for Bob, and we wish him the best of luck.”

Schreck joined IDW as senior editor in October 2009, after leaving DC Comics. During his time with IDW, Schreck was editor for several different series, including WITCH & WIZARD, STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY and the MGM MIDNIGHT MOVIES line. He was also editor and writer for JURASSIC PARK: REDEMPTION.

Visit IDWPublishing.com to learn more about the company and its top-selling books.

About IDW Publishing
IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro’s The Transformers and G.I. JOE, Paramount’s Star Trek; HBO’s True Blood; the BBC’s Doctor Who; and comics and trade collections based on novels by worldwide bestselling author, James Patterson. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints; Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studios; and is the print publisher for EA Comics and ComicMix.

IDW’s original horror series, 30 Days of Night, was launched as a major motion picture in October 2007 by Sony Pictures and was the #1 film in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at IDWPublishing.com.

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