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Review: The Beatles in Comics

The Beatles in Comics

I remember the first time I heard of the Beatles. It was when I discovered vinyl for the firs time. I was six years old and enamored with the way they looked. One of my parents many records in their collection was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. When my Mom first put the record on there was no more distinct and beautiful a sound than that first spark you hear when the needle touches the record. When the music came on Ringo’s drumming and Paul and John’s vocals sounded like nothing I ever heard before.

I instantly understood why these luminaries influenced so many artists to this day. As the magic of “Yesterday,” says all you need to know of how poetic they were and for the surviving members, still are. Their dexterity when it came to speak to tapping on the nerve of the times and still making these songs timeless, is almost unfair. Their combined talents are enough to day for a supergroup. In this collection of stories and practical love letters to the group, Beatles In Comics, gives fans, a rare rendering of who these men were and are, and how hey still leave an indelible mark on music fans everywhere.

In” John, Paul & George,” we get to see how the initial band was formed. These three young men became a band and friends over their love of music. In “Astrid Kirchher,” we get to know the photographer who took their first professional photos and her impression of each band member. In “The Man who refused to sign the Beatles,” we find out about Mike Smith and how he thought they would not amount to much outside of Liverpool. In “The Queen’s Rebels,” we get a personal account of the very first time they played in front of Queen Elizabeth. In “The Ed Sullivan Show,” we get to see first hand how Beatlemania had taken over America and how they were one of Sullivan’s most popular guests. In “Yesterday,” we find about the genesis of this eternally loved song, one which has created many pale covers. In “The Beatles and Elvis,” talks about this rare meeting of the titans at Graceland.  In “New Musical Horizons,” we find out about the group’s experimenting with drugs, specifically LSD. In “Goodbye Brian,” the band loses their longtime manager and who was considered the “Fifth Beatle” as he is found dead at his house. As they struggle to move forward and record their first flop of an album. In “Yoko Ono,” John meets his soulmate and muse, Yoko, as this is also what lead ultimately to their breakup. In the last story I will highlight, “Post Beatles,” we find out what exactly happened to each member after their breakup and just how fractured their relationships became.

Overall, an engrossing and articulate collection of stories which captures the spirit of the group and the love the world had for them. The stories by Michels Mabel are well researched and endearing. The art by the different artists gives fans a gorgeous kaleidoscope of images to see the band through. Altogether, one of the best books about this gifted group and just how they affected everyone around them.

Story: Michels Mabel
Art: Lu-K, Vox, Anne Sophie Servantie, Ludivine Stock, Amandine Puntous, Romuald Gleyse, Julien Lamanda, Efix, Pierre Brallon, Ben Lebegue, Anthony Audibert, Bloop, Victor Gimenez, Akita, Laurent Houssin, Richard Di Martino, Piero Ruggeri et Filipo Neri, Martin Trystram, Clement Baloup, Edwna Cosmet et Christophe Billard, Patrick Lacan, Virginie De Lambert, Joel Alessandra and Odile Santi

Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Steve Conley Kickstarts his BLOOP Webcomic Graphic Novel at the Baltimore Comic-Con

Bloop Cover Mock-UpCartoonist and friend of the Baltimore Comic-Con Steve Conley has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help produce the first print collection of his webcomic graphic novel BLOOP.
BLOOP is the all-ages story of a little green space monkey who is looking to find the perfect tree. Along the way, he makes some friends and finds that not only his tree but the entire planet is threatened by robots bent on tearing the world apart.
Attendees of the Baltimore Comic-Con will be able to see preview art from the book and a Baltimore Comic-Con exclusive print will be available.
In addition to being an accomplished cartoonist (Steve has won an Eagle Award and received nominations for the both the Eisner and Harvey Awards), Steve has been a longstanding contributor to the Baltimore Comic-Con since its very first year. Steve designed the Baltimore Comic-Con’s initial logo and helps with the design and graphics of the show to this day. Steve’s space monkey BLOOP was even the mascot of the Baltimore Comic-Con for a few years.
The Kickstarter launched on August 14, 2012 and will run until 8pm ET on September 17, 2012.
The BLOOP collection will showcase the first chapter of the story and will be a giant 10 inches x 15 inches. The book will have a case-bound, hardback cover with a golden foil stamp and a full-color, wraparound dust jacket. The interior will be 28-pages of full-color printing on thicker, 100# satin text paper.
 Bloop Dust Jacket Wraparound
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