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Batman Live Comics to the US

While folks were paying attention to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, there was another stage show hitting arenas (and whatever), but based off of BatmanBatman Live has been touring Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom and is finally making it’s way to the United States.  Unlike Spider-Man, this isn’t a musical and is more of a live performance of a Batman story.

Sadly the show isn’t coming anywhere near me, so I’ll have to see what folks have to say online.  Check out the touring dates below.

Anaheim, CA – 5 – 9 Sept., 2012
St. Paul, MN – 13 – 16 Sept., 2012
San Jose, CA – 20 – 23 Sept., 2012
Los Angeles, CA – 27 – 30 Sept., 2012
Las Vegas, NV – 3 – 7 Oct., 2012
Oklahoma City, OK – 10 – 14 Oct., 2012
Rio Rancho, NM – 17 – 21 Oct., 2012
Colorado Springs, CO – 23 – 24 Oct., 2012
Loveland, CO – 26 – 28 Oct., 2012

Batman Live Sneak Peek

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Seriously have folks not learned from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?  Is it just the point you need to go all in?  Below you can get a sneak peek  of the live show.  There’s some cool stuff here (the use of the screen, video and map are impressive), but I really don’t see how Batman Live isn’t a similar disaster to it’s webbed cousin.

Around the Tubes

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The week has actually been pretty quiet so far.  It’s almost like the quiet before the storm that is summer major events and conventions.  Here’s the news you might have missed over the last 24 hours.

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The Beat – DC Month-to-Month Sales: February 2011DC doesn’t do well in numbers but takes a lot of the top spots.

The Beat – March sales: Comics blah, GNs more blah – The Beat has their take on sales.

Con Coverage:

Comic Book Resources – CBR’s Con Wrap: Kapow! Or Splat?

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Blogcritics – Aaron & Ahmed

Geekweek – Aaron & Ahmed

Geeks of Doom – Moon Lake Volume 1

Primary Ignition – Nemesis

Around the Tubes

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The tubes were blogging with comic fans, writers, artists, fanboys and girls, your mom, thoughts about Tuesday’s The Daily Show (and Charlie Sheen).  We linked to our version of the video, go check it out, you know you want to.  Ok, other than that, it’s new comic book day.  Did you go?  We haven’t yet, maybe today, if work doesn’t get in the way (stupid work).  Well, below is all the articles we found interesting that we’ll never get to covering.  Enjoy!

Around the Blogs:

Comics BeatSpider-Man: Turn off your brain – The Beat caught Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and gives their review.  We hope to check it out before it eventually shuts down.

Monsters and CriticsFirst comic book superhero celebrates his 75th birthday – The Phantom is turning 75 this year and he totally doesn’t look a day over 30.  What’s the secret Phantom?

Comics Alliance ‘Batman Live’ Writers to Include Allan Heinberg, Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett – So, DC is turning Batman into a musical.  I’m sure that’s prompted from the success of Spider-Man (see above).

Comics AllianceBehind the Scenes at ‘The Daily Show’: My Day at the Fake News Headquarters – Chris Sims talks about his experience on The Daily Show.

Comic Book Movie Diane Lane Signed On For Superman Reboot! – Who knew Superman’s mom was hot!?

TBN WeeklyGulport Library seeks donations – Do some good and donate those extra comic books you have laying around collecting dust.

Mother JonesWould Superman Pass the Birther Test? – Mother Jones interviews the guys behind the Law and the Multiverse blog.

AsiaOne NewsIndians mourn loss of father of comic books – The title says it all to this article.

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