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I Feel Love with SelfMadeHero

Love makes the world go round. It can also turn your heart as black as coal. I Feel Love is an anthology of short fiction that explores love’s dark, twisted underbelly and offers a much-needed antidote to everything that is sweet, cloying, and conventional.

Contributors from both the UK and US, bring their own illustrative style and unique take to bear on the many moods of love, often leaving romance behind in search of darker desires. Ignatz Award-nominated Anya Davidson explores a slash fiction obsession, while Kelsey Wroten, whose work has appeared in The New Yorker and Vice, depicts medieval penanceUK-based cartoonist Cat Sims gets entwined with childbirth, and Benjamin Marra discovers the attraction of swamp monsters on the fairer sex. Rounding off the collection, editors Julian Hanshaw and Krent Able offer their own contributions, with tales of wife-swapping and a mysterious black balloon.

A companion volume to the successful I Feel Machine anthology, I Feel Love questions the one emotion that is meant to make us feel good – but that often does the exact opposite. As unflinching as it is honest, this is the kind of book you don’t take home to meet your parents.

I Feel Love

Review: Band for Life

To do what you love no matter, the reward, is a gift in and of itself.  When people play sports as children, they do it because they love the game they play, it is not until later, if they have talent, that someone imbues them with the fact that they are. Same goes for creatives as many people do it because it is their escape and they love it. As the love for the actual vice, is what makes it a joy to do.

This is what comedians and musicians know very well, as the performing of their craft, leads them to keep on doing what they do.  Comedians may spend years and even decades, before their work translates to more opportunities. Musicians, may suffer the same fate, as it can be a long time before they get a record deal. In Band For Life, we meet a band who actually loves making music and the reader gets to find out exactly why.

In the first few pages, the reader gets introduced to an alternative version of Chicago, where everyone looks like a supernatural creature. What follows is a series of misadventures, where each character, does something to aggravate the other. One of the standout stories “Caged Beauties”, we find out how one of the band members learned how to be a drummer while in jail. By book’s end, you are invested and oddly relate to these characters, as they have you wondering about your own relationships.

Overall, a funny, interesting, and wildly entertaining book which reminds of excellent Image book, The Humans, but about music. The story by Anya Davidson feels like weekly comic strip but reads like a coming of age novel. The art by Davidson employs the aesthetics of the great funk bands Parliament -Funkadelic and Johnny Guitar Watson.  Altogether, a book which was entertaining, pensive, and funky as hell.

Story: Anya Davidson Art: Anya Davidson
Story:10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy