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“Mini-Angoulême” is Canceled… BUT full-on Angoulême is on for January 2022!

Festival d'Angoulême

Conventions are still dealing with COVID with some going ahead with restrictions, others getting around rules by calling themselves “swap meets”, or others seeing the risk as too high and canceling. Festival d’Angoulême has announced they are doing that with their planned “mini” festival for the summer being canceled.

In a series of tweets Festival d’Angoulême explained that there are too many uncertainties surrounding the pandemic to continue with the planned June festival. Instead, the festival will look towards January 2022 for an event with more information coming in the coming weeks and months.

Taking place in France, the country is seeing a spike in COVID cases with a new extension of a lockdown extended through the end of April. French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the country saying a “more dangerous, contagious and deadly” virus is surging giving him no choice.

The lockdown prevents gatherings inside and outside and people are not allowed to travel greater than 6.2 miles from their homes.

France’s intesive care units are at capacity with more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients surpassing this past winter’s second wave. The country is on track to surpass the deadly first wave.

The country is lagging when it comes to vaccinations with 13% receiving one dose and 4% being fully vaccinated.

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