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The weekend is almost here! I know we can use some calming relaxation. Then, on to New York Comic Con! While you await that, here’s some news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

The Outhousers – Doctor Who Spinoff “Class” On the Way From YA Author Patrick Ness – Nice!

The Beat – How a toxic history of harassment has damaged the comics industry – An absolute must read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – American Vampire: Second Cycle #10

CBR – The Bullet Proof Kid #1-5

CBR – Two Brothers

Around the Tubes

San Diego Comic-Con’s preview night kicks off tomorrow! We’ll be there, so make sure to follow us on Twitter for various updates for the show. It’s also new comic book day!

Until then, here’s some news and reviews from around the web, and we’ll of course have our suggestions for this week’s books in a few hours.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – Sean Murphy drops truth bombs on Comics’ ongoing money problems and more – This is some hard truth.

The Comichron – Secret Wars #3 tops June 2015 comics sales; first half of year up 13% – Good info on the market.

Newsarama – Cyberforce To Return As Digital Series By Silvestri & Hawkins – Guess the Kickstarter didn’t help in the long run.

Kotaku – Photographer Captures Cosplayers Both In And Out Of Costume – This is pretty cool.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – American Vampire: Second Cycle #8

CBR – Princess Leia #5

CBR – The Spire #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here. How are folks enjoying it? Getting out now that the weather’s getting nicer?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – Ty Templeton in critical condition after a heart attack – We wish Ty the best and a speedy recovery.

Newsarama – George Reeves’ SUPERMAN Returns to Network Primetime… Sort of – This is pretty cool.

New Voices – Retconning History: Comic Books and the Holocaust – A really good read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – American Vampire: Second Cycle #7

CBR – Bloodshot Reborn #1

The Beat – Bloodshot Reborn #1

CBR – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

CBR – Ei8ht #3

CBR – The Tithe #1

Talking Comics – Uncanny X-Men #33

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! How’s everyone spending theirs?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Joaquin Phoenix Out as Doctor Strange – Remember when all those sites reported him as cast and signing a deal?

Huffington Post – New Comic Books Aim To Teach Students In Common Core Classrooms – Interesting.

ICv2 – Another DC Licensing Apology, for a Game – Interesting.

New York Times – In the Beginning, It Was All About Comics – Some interesting history.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – American Vampire: Second Cycle #5

Talking Comics – Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

Comic Vine – Captain America #25

Comic Vine – The Flash: Season Zero #1

Comic Vine – Gotham Academy #1

Comic Vine – Injustice: Year Two Annual #1

CBR – Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow

CBR – Men of Wrath #1

Comic Vine – Moon Knight #8

Comic Vine – Silver Surfer #6

Talking Comics – Voids Enigmatic Mansion Vol. 1

Talking Comics – The Walking Dead #131

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone got planned?

Around the Tubes

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Constantine’s’ Lucy Griffiths Exits NBC Drama – Can’t be a good sign, can it?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – American Vampire: Second Cycle #4

ICv2 – Forming Vol. 2

CBR – Grayson #1

Talking Comics – The Life After #1

Comicosity – New Suicide Squad #1

Talking Comics – 100th Anniversary Spider-Man #1

CBR – Spider-Man 2099 #1

Bleeding Cool – Terminal Hero #1

Talking Comics – Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1

Around the Tubes

I was up late watching X-Men: Days of Future Past! Expect a review today.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – And by the way, DC Entertainment is hiring in publicity, develoment, online, etc etc – Some jobs folks!


Goyer She-Hulk Gate

The  Mary Sue – She-Hulk Co-Creator Stan Lee Reacts to David Goyer’s “Porn Star” Statements

The Washington Post – She-Hulk is a feminist hero, not a male fantasy


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New X-Factor #8

Comic Vine – American Vampire: Second Cycle #3

Collected Editions – Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell

Comic Vine – The Bunker #4

The Bibliomaniac – Confessions of a Blabbermouth

Comic Vine – Deadpool Annual #2

Comic Vine – Elektra #2

Talking Comics – Forever Evil #7

Comic Vine – Magneto #4

CBR – MPH #1

Comic Vine – Thor: God of Thunder #22

Comic Vine – Unity #7


Around the Tubes

Wondercon and Awesome Con is going on this weekend (among some other conventions)! So much comic geeky goodness.

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – Ghostbusters LEGO, With Giant Marshmallow Man Added – Yes please!

The Mary Sue – Spider-Man Producers Say They’ll Do a Crossover When They’ve Run Out of Ideas and Other Marvel News – Well hopefully they don’t run out of ideas.

NBC – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s Superman on The Mall – So cool to see. Bummer they didn’t get the record.

Comics Alliance – A Touching Cast Photo From The Justice League Movie That Never Was – So cool. Interesting to hear more of what this might have been.

Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – American Vampire: Second Cycle #2

CBR – Ulitmate FF #1

Talking Comics – Uncanny X-Men #20

Talking Comics – Wolverine #4

Around the Tubes

It was new comic day yesterday…. what’d everyone get? What are you excited for if you haven’t gotten yours yet?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – ‘Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Aces Expansion Pack’ – Very cool!

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New Invaders #3

CBR – American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

Comic Vine – American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

Comic Vine – Animal Man #29

Comic Vine – Batman and Robin #29

CBR – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1

Comic Vine – Daredevil #1

Comic Vine – Ghosted #8

Comic Vine – Green Lantern: New Guardians #29

Comic Vine – Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0

Comic Vine – Ms. Marvel #2

Comic Vine – New Avengers #15

Talking Comics – Sovereign #1

Comic Vine – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10

Comic Vine – Superior Spider-Man Annual #2

Comic Vine – Thor: God of Thunder #20

Talking Comics – Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW

Comic Vine – Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2

Comic Vine – The Witcher #1

Comic Vine – X-O Manowar #23

Comic Vine – Zero #6

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

AMERICAN VAMPIRE SECOND CYCLE #1Each week comic fans face the tough choice as to what comics to get. Our job is to help you sort through the pile and narrow down some of the releases you should consider adding to this week’s buy pile. Check out below our top comic picks for the week!

Top Pick: American Vampire: Second Cycle #1 (Vertigo) – Scott Snyder’s modern vampire tale is back for a brand new volume! It’s been quite a while since we got to read up on Snyder’s spin on the vampire mythos, but we’re more than psyched to sink our fangs into the latest volume.

All-New Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel) – Marvel’s latest take on the Spirit of Vengeance begins here with a new Ghost Rider and a new ride. From what we’ve seen we’re a bit skeptical, but intrigued at the same time. As long time Ghost Rider fans, it’s hard to not check this out.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1 (Dark Horse) – It’s Buffy, c’mon, do you need another reason? Dark Horse has been on a streak with Whedon properties, and they’ve done Buffy proud in the past. Check out their latest take for what should be a good starting point for all.

Clockwork Angels #1 (BOOM! Studios) – Rush + comics = awesome. BOOM! is translating the iconic band’s concept album into comic form for what should be a rocking experience.

Daredevil #1 (Marvel) – Mark Waid’s Daredevil has been one of Marvel’s longest running consistent comics. The latest volume sees him move to the West coast to pick up his life after being disbarred and his identity revealed.

Letter 44 #5 (Oni Press) – Charles Soule is comic’s hardest working writer. This series mixes politics, sci-fi, aliens and mystery. If you haven’t hopped on this now, it’s not too late, cause I guarantee everyone will be talking about it down the road.

Ms. Marvel #2 (Marvel) – Marvel’s best launch this year, the comic sees a whole new Ms. Marvel that’s believable, easy to relate to, and just amazing. Expect another sell out.

Sovereign #1 (Image Comics) – A new fantasy series from Chris Roberson that tells the story of masked undertakers facing the undead with swords, of civil wars and cultures in collision, of ancient threats emerging from the ashes of history to menace the future.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10 (Marvel) – Could this be better than the main Spider-Man series? This comic focuses on Spider-Man’s C-list villains and mixes action, humor, and somehow heart.

Transformers: Regeneration One #100 (IDW Publishing) – It’s a hundredth issue that should wrap up the major storylines. For folks who have fond memories of the 80s Marvel comics.

Top Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback: Edison Rex Vol. 2 (Monkeybrain/IDW Publishing) – A collection of the fantastic digital series comes to print. The comic is a humorous take on a villain who actually defeats the hero…. and what comes next.