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Red 5 Comics in February 2022


(W) Mauro Mantella (A) Leandro Rizzo (CA) Alvaro Papagiani
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available February 16, 2022

They’ve battled Moby Dick, matched wits with Dickens, and befriended a kingdom of evolved sea monkeys! They’re the genre hopping heroes of Hypercity: the Fictionauts! Fantasy is a serious business for this team, as they scour fictional worlds to right dangerous anomalies and preserve the balance between reality and imagination!



(W) Scott Chitwood (A) Danny Luckert
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available February 9, 2022

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! Eric and his friends realize the devices from the Download are more dangerous than they thought. But can they trust the Serizawa Corporation with their secrets or are they the bigger threat?



(W) Johnny Arnold (A/CA) Jason Kemble (CA) Elias Martins, Jorge Cortes
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available February 9, 2022

A rogue group of owls called The Parliament are determined to show The Carriers that death is the only way to stop criminals from coming back. Can The Carriers stop this team of vigilantes without stooping to their level of extreme violence?


(W) Rodolfo Santullo (A/CA) Jok
FC · 108 page · $12.95
Available February 23, 2022

All legends have an origin, all heroes an awakening. By fate’s design, a young swineherd named Merlin meets an intrepid thief named Hector. And it is at that moment, in that fortuitous encounter, when the legends are born: that of the greatest sorcerer known to men and that of King Arthur’s adoptive father. Together, Merlin and Hector will not only face the fearsome Skinshifters, but also discover what fate has in store for them. If they manage to survive…


When fiction breaks, they fix it. Meet the Fictionauts!

What do Moby Dick, Charles Dickens, the Invisible Man and the works of Shakespeare have in common?  Nothing, unless you are the Fictionauts. Then they are your playground, dipping in and out of the world’s greatest stories and protecting them against metatextual villainy in the new series from Red 5 Comics.

That job is put to the ultimate test when something … someone … begins attacking the greatest stories, looking to tear them down and build something new there. And they intend to keep it that way when they turn their attacks on the Fictionauts themselves.

“These are the kinds of stories I love, digging into classic fiction, finding out what makes them tick and creating something new out of it,” co-publisher Joshua Starnes said. “I was a great fan of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Shakespeare Must Die; Fictionauts is another great addition to that group.”

Fictionauts is a three issue series beginning February 2022. Fictionauts is written by Mauro Mantella with art by Leandro Rizzo and cover by Alvaro Papagiani.

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