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Inky Pen: The Comic App for Nintendo Switch

Inky Pen

Inky Pen is an app that you can download for free* on your Nintendo Switch, which is fantastic if you’re a comics fan who has a Nintendo Switch and doesn’t have an alternate option to read comics digitally readily available. I’m not typically a big digital comics reader, but I recently won a free month’s trial of the app courtesy of Inky Pen and Valiant Comics. A lot of the images you’ll see will be Valiant books because those are the books I’m most excited to read, not because I was asked to only highlight Valiant books (neither Ink Pen nor Valiant knew I was writing this when I started).

After downloading the free* app, I was prompted to sign up an account and enter a payment method for a monthly subscription to get access to all the comics that aren’t available without said subscription, which will run you $8US/$10CAD a month. I’ve only recently purchased a Switch, and so it was with some surprise that I discovered the app is now almost a year and a half old. But, seeing as how I only purchased my Nintendo Switch three or so months ago and have never really had the desire to read comics on it, I’m not surprised that I had never heard of Inky Pen.

But now that I’ve spent a week or so playing around with the app, and reading more comics and collections than I expected I would, I definitely have more pros than cons with the app.

So far the only real downsides for me is that there’s no Marvel or DC on the app (to expand on this, it’s really only X-Men that I’m missing) and that I can’t sort by publisher on the Nintendo Switch whereas I can on their website. Or at least I can’t figure out how to sort by the publisher, which is almost as bad as not being able to (look, I accept a certain amount of user error goes along with these things, but searching or filtering by a specific publisher shouldn’t be hard to figure out). Other than these, there’s nothing about the app that I don’t like.

Inky Pen is really easy to use. More so than some of the touch-screen tablet/phone apps that you can get in terms of its interface. Searching is pretty simple, and gives you a couple of different options to sear and sort your results. There’s the obvious name search, as well as the ability to filter by name, published date and date added (each search allows you to flip the results so you can search A to Z or Z to A). You can refine the search by searching manga, graphic novels, indie and strips, then specifying the genre if you’d like.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for Inky Pen is the way it works with the Nintendo Switch itself. You can set it up to read like a tablet with touch screen controls and/or the console’s buttons. Alternatively you can also read comics by hooking the console up to your TV by using the controller – which also works when you have the Switch propped up on your desk so you can read while you’re (not) at work. For those with young kids, parental controls are easy to set and maintain.

If you’re not sure what a comic is about, there’s a quick preview of each series to pique your interest.

Is Inky Pen worth buying a Switch for? Hell no. But is it a nice bonus to have when you’re travelling and have your Switch with you? Absolutely. For $10 a month, this is honestly good value for what you’re getting. If you’re looking for an easy way to read comics on a device that’s got three different ways of reading them. For the most part, I’ve been reading in tablet form, but absolutely love the abilitly to scroll through the pages with the thumbstick.

Will this convert me from print to digital? Nope. I’m too much of a collector to ever leave print books. But what it does do is allow me to read the modern and 90’s Valiant comics I already own/am slowly tracking down in a very convenient manner that doesn’t involve digging through my (newly organized) boxes to read books that I really don’t want to be handling if I can at all help it. Now granted, there’s only a dozen or so in that category, but the point remains that Inky Pen has been utterly fantastic in that regard.

One question that is bound to come up is how does Inky Pen stack up to comixology Unlimited? I don’t know. I don’t tend to read digital comics that aren’t review pdfs so I don’t really have any basis for comparison here, but after spending fifteen minutes going through Comixology looking for similar comics on my phone, I feel that the selection there is significantly higher selection on comixology Unlimited verses Inky Pen. However, while my phone is more likely to be on me at any given time, I find myself favouring the Switch over my phone for reading the comics. If you have comixology Unlimited already… well I don’t know if this is offering anything special beyond the way you can read the comics.

But if you don’t, and if you do have a Nintendo Switch and want to delve into some digital comics, then I highly recommend this app.

izneo is Giving Away 1 Month of its Premium Subscription for Free


izneo, the global online comics platform offering Comic books, European Comics, Mangas and Webtoons is giving away 1 month of its Premium subscription for free during these hard times of confinement. In these difficult times, izneo is encouraging everyone to #StayAtHome in order to stop the Covid-19 global pandemic.

izneo Premium allows you to read 1,800 comics both offline and online. Read European Comics’ classics such as Thorgal, Aldebaran, Black Moon Chronicles, or Carthago Adventures as well as the most hyped US Comics adapted into TV series such as The Boys, or Locke & Key! By activating their free subscription to izneo Premium, readers can also enjoy their favorite manga such as the french masterpiece, Radiant, or dive into some of the best European webtoons.

izneo is offering more than 30,000 Comic books, European Comics, Mangas and webtoons on or download their application on IOS, Android, Nintendo Switch or Nvidia Shield TV.

Build your digital manga library on a budget! During the month of April, the latest publisher to join the platform is having a massive sale. Kodansha Comics is offering 270 volumes at 99c. Find renowned titles like Attack on Titan, Princess Jellyfish, A Silent Voice, Witch Hat Atelier, Parasyte, Battle Angel Alita, FAIRY TALE, The Seven Deadly Sins, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Flying Witch, and Space Brothers.

Marvel Unlimited is Offering Free Access to Iconic Comics!

Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service, is now offering all fans FREE access to some of Marvel’s most iconic stories from recent years, including now-classic Marvel Comics events and critically acclaimed runs featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and more. Fans who are social distancing will be able to escape into the Marvel Universe and revisit their favorite stories from a curated selection of complete story arcs – completely free – on Marvel Unlimited, starting Thursday, April 2 until Monday, May 4.

To access Marvel Unlimited’s free comics offering, download or update the Marvel Unlimited app for iOS or Android at the respective Apple and Google Play app stores, and click “Free Comics” on the landing screen. No payment information or trial subscriptions will be required for the selection of free comics.

This month’s free comics will feature instant Marvel Comics classics and can’t-miss events including:


Customers on the Marvel Comics App and webstore as well as comiXology will also have free access to these stories for a limited time.

Each of these extraordinary epics owe their origins to some of Marvel’s greatest comic books released in print over the years. In celebration of that tradition, Marvel has added an information page to each story with details on how to find your local comic book shop and start your very own Marvel collection of back issues and printed trades.

To find these stories and more of Marvel’s greatest comic books in print, please reach out to your local comic book shop to ask about services they may offer, including holding or creating pull lists, curbside pick-ups, special deliveries and other options to accommodate. Find and support your local comic book shop.

DC Universe Kicks Off New Stay-At-Home Activities

DC Universe

DC Universe, DC’s digital subscription service, is expanding its schedule of virtual events to bring fans closer than ever before to DC’s iconic roster of superheroes, top DC talent, and to each other.

In addition to a catalog of digital series and films, and a wide selection of digital comics, DC Universe’s active community boards – accessible without a paid subscription – will host an array of stay-at-home experiences and discussions including book clubs, live trivia challenges, and watch-along events.

April will feature special live Q&A sessions, where fans will have an opportunity to ask all of their burning questions. Guests including Xavier Woods (DCU All-Star Games) on April 2, Scott Snyder (DARK KNIGHTS: METAL) on April 3, Joëlle Jones (CATWOMAN) on April 14, Sean Murphy (WHITE KNIGHT) on April 21, with more to be announced!

Plus, DC Universe will present an ongoing schedule of weekly community events for all fans:

  • Mixtape Mondays: Join the DC Universe in building dedicated playlists for your favorite characters including Batman, Superwoman, Joker, Robin and more.
  • Book Club Mondays: Join fellow fans in reading and discussing selected issues of your favorite comics – this month, the DC Universe clubs are highlighting Catwoman and The Joker’s schemes from the past 80 years!
  • Live Trivia Tuesdays: Every Friday night at 6 p.m. PDT, join fellow fans in live screenings of the latest original series, Harley Quin Animated Series!
  • Watch-Along Fridays: Every Friday night, join fellow fans in live screenings of the latest original series, DC Universe All Star Games!

Fans in search of the perfect pick-me-up comic or episode can also visit DC Universe’s Stories For Hope, a curated list of content helping fans build their supply of hope during troubling times. In the form of an ongoing discussion forum, fans are also encouraged to submit inspirational comics and episodes for consideration.

Dark Horse is Releasing First Issues for Free Digitally through April

This is no April Fool’s joke! Dark Horse Comics is releasing more than 80 first issue comics, along with a handful of full graphic novels, for free to read on Dark Horse Digital.

From now until April 30, 2020, enjoy the work of an array of writers and artists in stories ranging from Umbrella Academy, Witchfinder, Stranger Things and American Gods, to young readers selections like Disney’s Frozen and Itty Bitty Mask, to graphic novels like Hellboy Volume 1: Seed of DestructionBeasts of Burden Volume 1, and Empowered Volume 1!

To see the full list, visit

Check out Today’s New comiXology Digital Releases

Batman: The Adventures Continue (2020-) #1

Just because new physical comics aren’t being released doesn’t mean new digital comics are on hold. Your reading habit has something new to enjoy on comiXology. Check out below for the full list of what you can find and a link to each digital comic.

AAM – Markosia

Action Lab

AHOY Comics


comiXology Originals

comiXology Submit

Dark Horse


DC Thomson




IDW Publishing



Scholastic – Graphix

Th3rd World Studios

Top Shelf

Vault Comics


This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

Rumor: Are Comic Shops Getting Digital Codes to Sell?


One idea that has floated around to help comic shops while physical comic shipments are on hold is there getting the ability to sell digital codes for comics.

We’re hearing rumors that this may indeed be happening.

The plan is for stores to be able to sell digital codes for the physical comics they’re unable to get. There’s still a lot of details to be ironed out like how those codes will get in the hands of shops and how shops will be able to sell them to customers due their various operating abilities. But, it’s one direction that’s being explored and possibly moving forward but quite controversial within the community.

The selling of digital codes isn’t anything new and many customers help lower the cost of their physical purchases by selling the codes that come with some comics.

Will you buy digital codes from your local shop while physical shipping is on hold? Let us know below!

DC’s Digital Plans Have Changed Again?

DC Comics logo

We won’t know what’s coming out this Wednesday until Wednesday is actually here. The decision as to what’s being released digitally is a fluid situation constantly changing for many publishers. The plan today may not be the plan tomorrow and forget what’s to happen the following week. While some have drawn lines others are figuring out what’s best for them, creators, and readers.

DC looks like they may have shuffled their plans again and instead of releasing all of their intended comics will be a selection of trades/collections and a digital first comic.

The change has been refelcted on the comiXology release page that had all of DC’s releases earlier but now has been cut down. The DC website has changed too, reflecting what’s being shown on comiXology. There are some differences but they’re not many.

We’ll know definitively when Wednesday comes around and expect this dance to begin again for the following week.

DC releases include:

  • Batman: Creature of the Night
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #1
  • Doom Patrol: The Silver Age. Vol. 1
  • Event Leviathan
  • gen: Lock #14
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 4: The Final Trial
  • Justice League of America: The Nail: The Complete Collection
  • Justice League: Origin Deluxe Edition
  • Teen Titans GO! to Camp #6 (which is free)

Kodansha Comics and VERTICAL Debut on izneo

Kodansha izneo

Kodansha USA Publishing has announced a new partnership to distribute Kodansha Comics & VERTICAL’s digital manga catalog of over 2000 English language titles on izneo. Now new and long-time manga fans will be able to read such hit series as like Attack on TitanThe Ghost in the ShellPretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal EditionFAIRY TAILFire ForceThe Quintessential Quintuplets, and more, all from their Android devices, Nintendo Switch and on the web! This launching Kodansha library will be available on izneo’s iOS app in the coming months.

As part of this launch, izneo will also participate in Kodansha USA Publishing’s special promotion pricing 270 volume 1s at 99¢. This way, izneo readers can easily sample and start reading hundreds of Kodansha Comics & VERTICAL manga safely from the comfort of their own home at a great price.

Additionally, izneo readers will soon be able to get access to Kodansha Comics’ same-day-as-Japan simulpubs with new chapters of ongoing series like EDENS ZERO, Attack on Titan, Domestic Girlfriend, To Your Eternity, and APOSIMZ.

Readable both online and offline, izneo’s catalog already offers more than 30,000 e-comic-books in a vast array of genres coming from many publishers. The platform features an ever-growing number of European comics and US comics as well as manga, graphic novels and webtoons. The coming of Kodansha Comics will enrich this great catalog by adding some of the best mangas to your library.

Bond with the Lastest Humble Bundle Benefiting the National Coalition Against Censorship

James Bond

James Bond‘s next major silver screen mission may have been delayed to the fall, but to help 007 fans get through the wait, Dynamite has teamed with Humble Bundle to offer the most comprehensive collection of James Bond comics as a digital bundle sale.

The bundle will only run for a limited time, so fans should jump on it! – Dynamite JAMES BOND Bundle

This pulls together many of Dynamite’s successful books starring Bond, James Bond and those in his world like Moneypenny, Felix Leiter and more. Acclaimed fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis kicks it all off with 12 issues of super slick spying. Further main series have been written by Andy Diggle, Greg Pak and more. Jeff Parker, Bob Q and Ibrahim Moustafa crafted the critically acclaimed World War II-set Origin. While Bond fans can’t miss out on trying the experimental The Body by Aleš Kot. Or James Robinson’s deep dive into longtime Bond ally Felix Leiter. And of course, the graphic novel iterations of Ian Fleming’s iconic original novels, adapted by Van Jensen. Plus the critically acclaimed Case Files standalone tales from Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, and more!

Best of all, a portion of proceeds will go toward the National Coalition Against Censorship, an umbrella organization formed to ally those that fight against censorship across media, including comic books.

Check out the available tiers below. Which can be selected through Humble Bundle’s “Pay What You Want” model to fit one’s budget.

$1 Tier
James Bond (2015) #1-6
James Bond Origin #1-6
James Bond 007 #1-6
James Bond: Felix Leiter #1-6

That’s 24 issues for a single buck! A truly unbeatable deal short of us giving it all away for free! Also looking at over 700 pages of super-spy action. All a whopping 98% off!

$8 Tier
 James Bond (2015) #7-12
James Bond Origin #7-12
James Bond: The Body #1-6
James Bond: Casino Royale

Less than a movie ticket or even a martini (shaken, not stirred of course)! At this level fans are adding 18 issues and a whole original graphic novel for an additional 650 pages. That’s up to 1,380 pages of Bond goodness! Still up there at 98-99% off regular retail price!

$15 Tier 
James Bond 007 #7-12
James Bond: Hammerhead #1-6
James Bond: Kill Chain #1-6
James Bond: Live and Let Die
James Bond: Moneypenny
James Bond: Service
James Bond: Solstice
James Bond: M

At this point, go for the gold! The third and final tier of this bundle expands the loot out to an equivalent of over 70 issues, 2,240 pages! Let us know how quickly you can binge through it all!

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