Anime NYC 2023: The Spellbook Library Debuts Exclusively on

The Spellbook Library

Kodansha announced at Anime NYC 2023 the debut of a new english-first Kodansha Reader Portal series, The Spellbook Library, with its first episode available to read now exclusively on From Uta Isaki—the mangaka behind the poignant asexual coming-of-age drama, Is Love the Answer?—comes a visually stunning fantasy series steeped in magic, adventure, and friendship. The Spellbook Library will see new episodes debut digitally every other Wednesday on—alternating releases with the action / horror Kodansha Reader Portal Series BLOOD BLADE by Oma Sei. Episodes of The Spellbook Library will be available free-to-read for all Kodansha Readers until the debut of the collected volume in print coming fall 2024. Print editions of The Spellbook Library will be distributed by Penguin Random House. 

In the world of The Spellbook Library, spellbook librarians protect townsfolk from dangerous spellbeasts, sealing them in spellbooks that hold more than just magic. When he was a child, troublemaker Yan was attacked by a ferocious spellbeast—until he was rescued by a group of spellbook librarians. Inspired by the librarians’ heroic efforts, Yan vows to turn over a new leaf and become a spellbook librarian to repay their kindness. On the day of his employment exam, he meets Tohru, a mysterious young boy who has his own reasons for wanting to work at the library. Together, Yan and Tohru set off and join the ranks of The Spellbook Library, and begin the long journey to learn just what it takes to become a spellbook librarian! 

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