Erica Henderson and Alex de Campi on Parasocial, their new graphic novel

A fading genre actor and an obsessed fan meet. It’s not Misery at all, it’s Parasocial, the latest graphic novel from the twisted minds of Erica Henderson and Alex de Campi! Parasocial is this creative team’s newest collaboration since their critically acclaimed Dracula, Motherf–r! both published by Image Comics

We talk about:

  • What makes a horror story deeply scary 
  • Who is Luke Indiana and the power of pseudonyms
  • The economics of fandom and genre celebrity
  • 95% of fandom is a wonderful transformative force, it’s the other 5%….
  • The power and perils of fandom and social media
  • “A color scheme for the lies they tell themselves and a color scheme for the lies they tell other people”
  • Dracula
  • Making fan art of your art
  • And the Medici family’s sexy bible fan art

Erica Henderson is a NY Times best selling and Eisner award winning artist and writer. You’ve read Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Her latest is Danger and Other Unknown Risks. Buy her merch 

Alex de Campi is a writer of best selling horror/thrillers. Eisner-nominated for Bad Girls and Twisted Romance. She’s a returning guest on my show– listen to her talk about Dracula MF-