Chloe 3-in-1 #2 is 3 tales of Chloe’s school misadventures in one volume

By Greg Tessier, Chloe 3-in-1 #2 features 3 tales of Chloe’s school misadventures in one volume, featuring brand new dramatic, spice-of-life coming of age adventures!

Chloe Blin, friend and environmental advocate, has started to settle into her middle school. 


  • Her ex-boyfriend has moved and she’s reeling, especially since Valentine’s Day is coming! 
  • Chloe visits her Grandmother at a seaside resort town. Will the place and people be as she remembered? When she returns, Chloe’s best friend, Fatomoumata, is nowhere to be found! Chloe once again has to occupy herself – and she does with a neighborhood carnival. 
  • Finally, Chloe digs into gardening and recycling when her class focuses on environmentalism! 

Chloe 3-in-1 #2 [9781545811269; Ages 7-12] is out on September 5th, 2023 . It is available wherever books are sold, including AmazonBookshop, and Barnes & Noble. 

Chloe 3-in-1 #2

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