Hake’s Opens a New Auction With Rare Toys and Prototypes

Hake’s Auctions newest auction, #237 is chock-full of pop-culturey goodness. From now until March 21-22, you can bid on some of the rarest toys around, including some one-of-a-kind prototypes! Read on to see what cool items are on the auction block!


#1345. G.I. JOE (1982) – SNAKE EYES, SERIES 1/11 BACK. AFA 85 NM+ (STRAIGHT ARM). The original ninja commando gets a high grade here, with his original, iconic, no-frills figure on a nice card. Hard to believe that a toy released with no paint on it would become such a sensation! Current Bid: $1,210.00

#1347. G.I. JOE (1983) – DESTRO SERIES 2/20 BACK. AFA 85 NM+. While the Cobra forces had no shortage of metal-faced members, Destro was the king of the metalheads, and rocked a sweet chest medallion besides.  Plus, he was his own boss! Current Bid: $3,575.00

#1375. G.I. JOE (1985) – U.S.S. FLAGG, SERIES 4 VEHICLE, AFA 60 EX. If you’re going to spring for a graded G.I. Joe vehicle, you might as well go for the biggest and best, right? The G.I. Joe team’s aircraft carrier was the grail item for any child of the 1980s, and remains so for any adult of the 2020s. Current Bid: $4,400.00

#1376. G.I. JOE (1985) – COBRA FLIGHT POD, SERIES 4, AFA 80 NM. The Flagg a little out of your reach? The “Trubble Bubble” was the vehicle of choice for the Cobra team, and has become an iconic part of the 1980s TV series and toy line. Current Bid:  $610.50


#1388. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1987) – SCARE GLOW SERIES 6. AFA 80 NM (GREEN HALBERD). He-Man figures are getting remade left and right these days, but this is the O.G.! One of the most desired He-Man figures, Scare Glow was an evil ghost from another dimension, and NOT Skeletor at the beach as he might seem at first. Starting Bid: $1,000.00

#1391. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1984) – SNAKE MOUNTAIN SERIES 3 PLAYSET. AFA 80 NM. Another must-have from the He-Man line, Skeletor’s headquarters was one of the creepiest office buildings in toy history. Since it’s graded, you won’t be able to use the voice-changing microphone, but you can still creep yourself out every time you look at it! Current Bid: $1,210.00

#1392. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1986) – ETERNIA SERIES 5 PLAYSET. AFA 70 EX+. Three towers! Three battery-operated vehicles! Almost 40 years of wanting! The ultimate He-Man collectible may be sealed in its box for eternity, but you would still have bragging rights over your childhood friends. Current Bid: $1,710.50


#1402. TRANSFORMERS (1984) SERIES 1 OPTIMUS PRIME. AFA 85 NM+ (TRADEMARK LOGO). This particular Optimus Prime has a Trademark symbol on the Transformers logo, which is much rarer than the Registered logo. Regardless, everyone needs an Optimus Prime in their collection. Current Bid: $7,480.00

#1407. TRANSFORMERS (1984) SERIES 1 JET – STARSCREAM. AFA 85+ NM+ (RUBSIGN). Need something that makes you hear Chris Latta’s voice every time you walk by it? Sure, you could go the Cobra Commander route, but Starscream turns into a jet, which makes him a lot cooler. Current Bid: $4,950.00

#1415. TRANSFORMERS (1985) SERIES 2 CONSTRUCTICON GIFTSET – DEVASTATOR. AFA 85 NM+. Not every kid had to build their Devastator one piece at a time, picking up a Constructicon every other week at the local TRU – some kids got the gift set and built the first Decepticon Combiner in one fell swoop. Why not treat yourself? Current Bid: $12,100.00

#1401. TRANSFORMERS: ACTION MASTERS (1990) – WHEELJACK CARD ORIGINAL ART. The only thing better than Transformers was Transformers character artwork, the art that appeared on the front and back of the box and often made the Transformers look much cooler in their robot form than they actually were. This art, attributed to TF regular Jeff Mangiat, was for the Wheeljack Action Masters action figure, and looks straight outta the cartoon. Current Bid: $500.00


#1609. STAR WARS (1978) – TUSKEN RAIDER 20 BACK MOCK-UP PROOF CARD (ON 12 BACK-A PROOF CARD). AFA 80 Q-NM. There are a lot of things going on with this card, a 12-back card used to mock up a 20-back card, with a lot of modifications, but the biggest thing is that it calls the Tusken Raider a “Tusken Raider” rather than “Sand People,” which is what they were called in production. A one-of-a-kind item. Current Bid: $9,350.00

#1690. TOLTOYS STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) – JAWA 41 BACK-E. AFA 50 VG (AUSTRALIAN RELEASE, VINYL CAPE, EXTREME RARITY). Sure, you can get a carded Jawa anywhere, even a rare vinyl-cape Jawa, but this one is the rarest of the rare. An Australian release by TOLTOYS, it uses a darker vinyl only released in Australia, and is carded on an Empire Strikes Back card instead of a Star Wars blister card. Very few of these Vinyl Cape Jawas were released by TOLTOYS and only for a very brief time period. This is the first time one has been offered by any auction house, and it’s one of only five examples graded by AFA. Current Bid: $11,111.00

#1728. POPY STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) – BOBA FETT. AFA 85 NM+. Think windowless figure boxes are a new thing? Popy was the only company in Japan to release Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back figures, issuing 15 different figures in bags inside illustrated boxes. This deconstructed Boba Fett box is one of the highest graded examples. Current Bid: $2,000.00

#1811. STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) – C-3PO COLLECTOR’S CASE OFF-WHITE PROTOTYPE FIRST SHOT. AFA 85+ NM+. Before they started production on the gold C-3PO carrying cases, they did a test shot in white! In addition to looking very cool, it’s incredibly rare. Current Bid: $2,200.00

#1842. STAR WARS: THE POWER OF THE FORCE (1985) – YAK FACE 92 BACK. AFA 80 Y-NM (KENNER CANADA). The most desirable of the last 17 vintage issued figures, Yak Face was only released in foreign outlets. His card is unpunched, his blister is yellow, and his value is very, very high. Current Bid: $6,660.88

#1886. STAR WARS: EWOKS (1985) – SERIES 2 CHIEF CHIRPA FIRST SHOT PROTOTYPE SALES SAMPLE FOR UNPRODUCED FIGURE. AFA 70 Y-EX+. Did you know they never made a second series of Ewoks action figures? Did you know that Chief Chirpa was among the unmade characters? Did you know you can still own one? This unproduced first shot prototype of El Jefe comes on a Series 1 Cardback with a B-Wing Pilot collector’s coin. Current Bid: $7,150.00


#1446-1450. LORD OF THE RINGS TOYS BY KNICKERBOCKER (1979). Sure, nowadays everyone is into those cool LOTR figures by Diamond Select Toys, but back in 1979 it was all about the Knickerbocker, baby! Based on the classic Ralph Bakshi cartoon adaptation, Gandalf, Frodo, Samwise, Aragorn and a Ringwraith are all here. Starting Bid: $300-500.00


#1462. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1993) – HOT SPOT SERIES 6/52 BACK. AFA 75 EX+/NM. One of the harder to obtain figures from this line, the firehouse dalmatian came towards the “tail” end of the line. Starting Bid: $500.00

#1468. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1988) – SERIES 1 TURTLE BLIMP VEHICLE. CAS 85. In most toy lines, you’d have to build up to the heroes having their own blimp, but not the Ninja Turtles. Nope, Series One release. This one’s graded, so you can’t blow it up, but still an iconic vehicle for an iconic toy line. Starting Bid: $1,000.00


#1486. AURORA FRIGHTENING LIGHTNING FRANKENSTEIN FACTORY-SEALED BOXED MODEL KIT. Kit No. 449-150. This 1969 officially licensed model kit includes glow-in-the-dark head and hands and is still sealed in shrinkwrap after 50 years! Starting Bid: $1,000.00

#1506. AURORA GODZILLA FACTORY-SEALED BOXED MODEL KIT. Kit No. 469-149. Released by Aurora in 1964, this shrinkwrapped model kit is a classic Godzilla collectible, back when American Godzilla items were rare. Current Bid: $880.00

#1507. AURORA WOLF MAN’S WAGON FACTORY-SEALED BOXED MODEL KIT. Kit No. 458-98. Also from 1964, Aurora made a line of Universal Monsters hot-rod model kits to cash in on the hot-rod culture that was going around at the time. Now scarce, this sealed Wolf-Man in a hot rod is one of the better examples. Starting Bid: $1,000.00

#1520. AURORA THE MUNSTERS LIVING ROOM FACTORY-SEALED MODEL KIT. Kit No. 804-198. This classic model kit depicting Lily, Herman, Grandpa and Eddie Munster from the TV show “The Munsters” is a highly unique item. With Grandpa hanging from the ceiling, Lily in her coffin chair and Herman in his electric chair, it’s an American family portrait that still holds up to this day. Starting Bid: $1,000.00

#1482. MARX ARCHIVES FILE COPY THE MIGHTY KONG BOXED KING KONG BATTERY-OPERATED REMOTE CONTROL TOY. This Marx Toys 11-inch King Kong from the 1960s is a working remote-control toy, with a wired controller that causes him to move forward, beat his chest, open and close his mouth and growl.  Comes in the original cardboard box with an illustrated lid. One of the most desirable battery-operated toys, for obvious reasons. Starting Bid: $500.00

#1519. THE ADDAMS FAMILY HAUNTED HOUSE BOXED AURORA FACTORY-SEALED BOXED MODEL. With “Wednesday” blowing the Addams Family up on Netflix, now’s a great time to look into real estate, with the Addams Family’s mansion in model kit form. Current Bid: $665.50

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