Vox Machina’s Percy de Rolo III gets a statue from Sideshow

Percy de Rolo III is perhaps better known as Percy, the father of firearms in Exandria. From dark dreams he constructed his first weapon, exacting his revenge for the slaughter of his noble family.

Sideshow continues its popular Critical Role Statue Collection with the Percy de Rolo III – Vox Machina Statue. This refined figure is fully sculpted as a three-dimensional tribute to the team’s sharp-witted sharpshooter.

The Percy de Rolo III Statue embodies this hero’s keen eye for engineering and his extensive travels with Vox Machina. His detailed costume is complete with a regal red and blue coat and waistcoat ensemble, his rounded glasses with magnifiers, and his bird skull mask. He is cloaked in Cabal’s Ruin, a Vestige of Divergence that crackles with absorbed magical energy. Percival carries the wheellock rifle Bad News in his left hand, which is gloved with the electric gauntlet he calls Diplomacy. In his right hand is Animus, the pepperbox pistol taken from the cruel Dr. Anna Ripley. Its smoking barrel serves as a reminder of his ruthless aim against evil, earning him the nickname “No Mercy Percy.”

Keep the Percy de Rolo III – Vox Machina Statue in your sights and pre-order another hero of Tal’Dorei for your lineup of Critical Role collectibles. Available to pre-order from Sideshow.

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