James Tynion IV and Fernando Blanco’s W0rldtr33 cover revealed

Image Comics has revealed the eerily-toned cover artwork that will set the vibe for the highly anticipated series W0rldtr33 from bestselling writer James Tynion IV and his Razorblades collaborator artist Fernando Blanco. First teased in the pages of the Image! 30th anniversary anthology, this riveting new thriller is set to launch in April.

In 1999, Gabriel, Amanda, Liam, Yoshi, and Darren discovered what they dubbed the Undernet—a secret architecture beneath the internet. They charted their exploration of the Undernet on a private message board called W0rldtr33. Then they lost control. And unleashed unimaginable horrors.

W0rldtr33 #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 12:

  • Cover A by Blanco – Diamond Code FEB230015
  • Cover B by Aja – Diamond Code FEB230016
  • Cover C (1:10 copy incentive) by Jenny Frison – Diamond Code FEB230017
  • Cover D (1:25 copy incentive) by Bill Sienkiewicz – Diamond Code FEB230018
  • Cover E (1:50 copy incentive) by Zu Orzu – Diamond Code FEB230019
  • Cover F (1:100 copy incentive) by Alvaro Martinez Bueno – Diamond Code FEB230020