The Boglins are back in February!

Dynamite has announced a new collectible trading card series based on the 1980s toy sensation, Boglins shipping in February for fans!

The famous creatures are exiting the swamp and invading the collections of fans once more with their first-ever official trading cards set. Creator Tim Clarke debuted a line of brand new toys last year, reviving the beloved franchise. Now Dynamite and Clarke are working hand in hand to develop a fun-filled throwback trading cards set to deliver rare artwork, unique photography, and rare chase cards to everyone’s Boglins collection.

Boglins Trading Cards Series One is an amazing walk down the bog of yesteryear combined with beautiful photography of some of the rarest Boglins ever seen. This unique series is stuffed with wonderful Boglins trivia, stories, and secrets from the creators themselves. Packed into this 120 card set are subsets to collect and amazing sights from the Bog that have been buried for decades.

The full set features 120 unique base cards, 9 Foil Card chase cards and 9 Old-Fashioned Card Stock chase cards! A random chase card is guaranteed one in every pack! Plus Box Topper Incentive Cards, one of six special behind the scenes production model cards and one hand-drawn full color sketch card guaranteed in every box! Boglins fans can now collect trading cards representing their favorite characters and much more from this comprehensive collection of art and design that was taken straight from the Boglins Studios archives. And some of the pledge levels include limited edition Boglins toys with collector pins & exclusive trading cards!

Boglins are a series of toy puppets co-created by Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Mass and distributed by Mattel starting in 1987 and now available by TriAction Toys. They were released to coincide with the “creature craze” started by films such as Ghoulies, Critters, and Gremlins. Boglins are goblin-themed hand puppets made of flexible rubber that you could make look like they were speaking and having facial expressions. The line consisted of small and large sizes and later in the line they included aquatic, Halloween, and baby themes. The original run went until 1994.