Spider-Man villain Hypno-Hustler is coming to the screen from Donald Glover?

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #24

In what might feel like an April Fool’s day prank, The Hollywood Reporter has a story that Donald Glover is working on a film featuring Spider-Man villain Hypno-Hustler.

Hypno-Hustler was created by Frank Springer and Bill Mantlo, debuting in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #24 in 1978. The character fronts a band where he uses hypnosis to steal from the audience. Having debuted in the 70s, the character has had a disco theme and considered one of Spider-Man’s worst foes.

Reportedly, the character’s musical connection is what drew Glover to the concept as well as it being a rather obscure one allowing for more freedom. It’s part of Sony’s work expanding the Spider-Man universe with multiple projects based on characters from the series.

Glover was featured in the Tom Holland starring Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Homecoming where its hinted he plays Miles Morales’ uncle who is also the Prowler in some versions. He also voiced Spider-Man/Miles Morales in the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man.