Jennifer’s Body meets Stand by Me in Banshees from Scout Comics

Emily Edwards is beginning her college freshman year away from her family; a welcome change given the summer she has had. Her best friend Beth had committed suicide the summer before, and she has been secretly haunted by her memories for months. Moving away from her past seems like the best way to start anew. The future looks brighter once she meets her roommate, Abbey, and the two become fast friends. Abbey is everything that Emily needs in her life; Abbey is energetic, playful, sarcastic, and the duo are seemingly aligned in their outlooks on life. They even have the same major: Psychology.

Abbey jokes with Emily about the rumors that their dormitory is haunted… and the weirdness begins. Late one night, Emily is terrorized by the ghosts of three girls, sending her on a quest to find the truth. She dives deeply into the school’s past and discovers the hushed history of The Lion– a serial killer who took the lives of at least three female students from 1987 to 1991 before seemingly vanishing without a trace. Her investigations do not go unnoticed, drawing the killer out of “retirement.” Now, Emily must convince the ghosts of The Lion’s victims to bring him to justice– lest his killing spree continues!

Banshees is written by Dave Dwonch and Jessica Balboni, art by Riccardo Faccini, colors by DAM, lettered by Dave Dwonch and edited by Jessica Balboni. It features a main cover by Tim Daniel and variant cover by Cachet Whitman.