Tokyopop Joins JetBlue’s “Soar With Reading” Initiative

Tokyopop has announced their participation in JetBlue’s annual Soar with Reading initiative, which provides free books to children who need them most. Joining the program for the first time, Tokyopop will be including three titles available for selection by participating families; The Nightmare Before Christmas (softcover edition)The Nightmare Before Christmas – Zero’s Journey, Book 1, and Kamo: Pact with the Spirit World, Volume 1.

This summer, Soar with Reading landed in Newark, NJ. This award-winning literacy initiative tackles the issue of “book deserts,” areas with limited access to age-appropriate books. Since 2011, JetBlue has donated nearly $3+ million worth of books to children in areas of need.

JetBlue, with the help of multiple publishers who have titles chosen for participation will be bringing books to children in the Newark area through digital vending machines which will distribute books starting July 1 through August 31, 2022, free of charge.

The digital vending machines this year are large format televisions with touchscreen interfaces that allow children to hand select up to six titles. Orders are gathered and shipped back to the host location for distribution a few weeks later.

The vending machines include books in English and Spanish that provide parents from a range of backgrounds the opportunity to read aloud and along with their children. Research shows that greater adult support for reading enhances children’s opportunities to learn.