Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan & Desi Community Power

“I want Ms.Marvel to give us the kind of personal fuel to continue to do this work and keep our eyes on the campaigns we’re trying to win.” —Sabiha Basrai.

Ms. Marvel, the MCU’s latest on Disney+ gets a close read from our expert panel. We open with a spoiler-free pitch of why we enjoyed the show then cover the full TV series.

Darakshan Raja is a Pakistani – American organizer and Bhangra DJ. She is the founding executive director of Muslims for Just Futures (MJF), a grassroots organization that builds power in Muslim communities through collective care, organizing, advocacy, and movement-building.

Harini Marchadi is a college student studying biology and history. She is particularly interested in questions of nationalism in formerly colonized nations and interactions between countries affected by colonialism.

Sabiha Basrai is a graphic designer and social justice organizer involved with economic justice, immigrant rights, and anti-war organizing since the mid-1990s. For the last 16 years, Sabiha has been a co-owner of Design Action Collective where she works at the intersection of visual arts and activism.

Sabiha shared a list of some of her fave orgs fighting for justice here and in South East Asia. They won’t all fit in my show notes so read them here:

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