Emmett Hobbes : Comics Writer/Artist makes the heist comic you need in your life

“A diagnosis should set somebody free. It should be a descriptor, not a definition” – Emmett Hobbes.

Royale: The Prussian Blue is a Lupin III-meets-Pan’s Labyrinth caper. A renowned white-hat burglar stumbles into London’s supernatural underbelly to win his target back from an untouchable (and mysterious) art collector. It’s a very queer and extremely well crafted heist comic that truly stands out and you can read it on the Webtoons app

Writer and artist Emmett Hobbes joins me to talk about his work, neurodiversity, queerness and also the comics classic Preacher. Of course!

Follow him here: https://twitter.com/emmettcomix

Or his website; https://www.emmettcomix.art/

Royale credits: Story and ink: Emmett Hobbes | Color: Hank Jones | Costume design: Erik Ojo and Seth Smith | Edited: Ethan Leblanc and Spencer Gooding | Technical assist: Traceton Randolph | Published exclusively by Webtoon Originals