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Comics legend George Pérez has passed away

George Pérez

There’s posts you know you’ll need to write but just hope it never happens. This is one of them. It has been announced that comic book legend George Pérez has passed away after a battle with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer.

George Pérez’s impact on the comic industry spans decades and will continue for generations.

Born in 1954, Pérez has worked for so many including DC, Marvel, BOOM!, Image, CrossGen, and more.

He began his career in comics as an assistant to Rich Buckler in 1973 making is own professional debut in Marvel’s Astonishing Tales #25 in 1974. He went on to draw The Avengers, Inhumans, Fantastic Four, and more including some of “The Korvac Saga” and helping to create Henry Peter Gyrich and Tasmkaster.

It’s at DC where many know his work from with The New Team Titans where he worked with Marv Wolfman and the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths. He inked the classic “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” and drew the cover for DC Heroes roleplaying game from Mayfair Games and a cover for the Champions roleplay game from Hero Games.

He helped reboot Wonder Woman in 1987 plotting and penciciling the series that tied the character heavily with the Greek gods, something still a major part of her story today and influencing the hit film decades later.

He went on to work on such titles as The Infinity Gauntlet, Crimson Plague, Infinite Crisis, JLA/Avengers, and so much more.

His work went beyond the comics page. He was a co-chair of the board of the charity The Hero Initiative and was a champion of helping comic creators in need.

He is an icon, one who put a smile on those around him. They say to never meet your heroes. He was the exception to that.

Pérez passed away on May 6, 2022 with his wife Carol and their family by his side. An open memorial service was scheduled to be held at MegaCon Orlando on May 22.

You can read the full announcement below:


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