Elvira Tries to Escape the Multiverse of Movies!

Elvira and Dynamite Entertainment invite fans to visit “Horrorland” with her this May, as the macabre maven jumps between versions of horror masterpieces and hopefully lives to tell the tale!

In her previous critically acclaimed comic book series, the Mistress of the Dark got to hang out with the ghost of her dearly beloved old friend Vincent Price. Therein, she discovered how sometimes the legends of film can come right into our world, and perhaps vice versa. In the final issue, Vincent revealed that each movie creates its own pocket dimension… and Elvira joined him on a quest into one such realm to rescue a “final girl” scream queen being held hostage by her obsessive director.

Now, in this new universe-spanning odyssey, Elvira is herself trapped in this Multiverse of Movies. She will careen from classic to classic, faced by killers, monsters, and more, as she tries to find her way home. Off the bat in the first issue, she finds herself stalked by a hotel clerk who’s positively psycho! Can she survive the wrath of a serial killer and get to the next part of her journey, or is it all just a Hitchcock-tease?

Writer David Avallone returns once more, as Dynamite’s modern day shepherd for the voice of Elvira. He closely collaborates with the Mistress of the Dark herself, to ensure that fans new and old can truly hear each line in her captivating and iconic voice. This time they are joined by artist Silvia Califano.

Califano contributes covers to the series, as do returning fan-favorites Dave Acosta and John Royle. Plus, of course photos featuring the titular queen of scares herself.

Elvira in Horrorland #1 debuts in May 2022.