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Red Winter Gets a Special Tuesday Title Box Release

Eli Winter is a former NYPD Detective, now living in the most crime-ridden district of Moscow. Employed by local crime boss, Nikolai Dubrovsky, without whom Eli would likely be rotting in an American prison, Eli sees a chance for redemption when he is enlisted to investigate the destruction of one of Dubrovsky’s meth labs. Eli soon discovers the crime was committed by his estranged son, Joseph, as part of a rival gang initiation. Now Joseph needs his father’s help, as he’s in way over his head. Will Eli make the choice to protect his son from the vicious gang he works for?

Red Winter is by writer Michael Gordon, art by Francisco Munoz and Alberto Massaggia and a cover by Chris Shehan.

Each deluxe title box will contain a complete set of comics! There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants and out off print covers.

Along with the set of single issues you will also get a digital download/collectible card of each series in Scout’s new Comic Tag format! These limited edition collectibles look just like a mini comic book with a collectible card attached!

Limited to 150 boxes, the Red Winter Tuesday Title Box features all four issues and the Comic Tag featuring the entire digital graphic novel.