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The 10th Annual Black Comic Book Festival is Looking for Cosplayers

10th Annual Black Comic Book Festival

The 10th Annual Black Comic Book Festival is less than a week away and they’re looking for cosplayers to be a part of the show by participating in its Virtual Cosplay Showcase. You can find more details here!

You can participate by submitting a video which must be:

  • Make a video of yourself in costume.
  • Your video must be 15 seconds or less. Longer videos will not be accepted.
  • During the 15 seconds, answer two questions, in character: Who are you? What is your superpower?

By submitting the video, you grant the New York Public Library use of using


  1. Name your file with YOUR FULL NAME (Ex: “”).
  2. Send your file using this link:
  3. In the notes section, type the name of your character/avatar and your email address.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, January 11th. 

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