ComiXology’s Amazon Transition Gets Delayed to 2022

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In September, comiXology announced some big changes coming to the digital comic platform. Not only would there be an upgraded and updated comiXology app, but the comiXology website would be folded into Amazon‘s delivering a different comic buying experience more integrated with the Amazon shopping platform. Instead of a separate storefront, comiXology would now just be Amazon’s Kindle comic offering reworked and updated.

While no date of transition was given at the time, we know that it was to take place this November with a delay announced for insiders.

Now, the delay will be even further heading into 2022. Comixology Co-founder and CEO and GM Digital Comics for Amazon David Steinberger sent a new update saying their holding the launch until next year based on community feedback.

In September, I sent an email outlining some exciting changes coming to comiXology this fall. Well, it’s nearly winter, so it’s time for me to provide an update on progress. While we remain really excited about unveiling the updates, we wanted to take just a little extra time to incorporate feedback we received from our community. With this goal in mind, we decided to hold launch until early next year.

In the meantime, you can continue to use the existing app and comiXology site as usual. We’ve also been continuing to improve the Amazon comics store, with better search results and many other improvements. Closer to the launch date, we will provide more details to make sure you are prepared for the new app and Amazon shopping experience.

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