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Hasbro Reveals the Final 3 Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom Figures

Three more Transformers releases for War for Cybertron: Kingdom are coming soon. Hasbro revealed the trio that includes Pipes, Slammer, and Blaster!

Pipes is a prtial tool of Huffer and based on his G1 animation appearance. Slammer is a heavy partial of Ironworks featuring 5 new tools! The figure is based on the Slammer toy that came with the G1 Metroplex and converts into his classic tank mode. The figure is also a weaponizer ready to equip other figures with a missile launcher, chainsaw, and turret blaster accessories. Blaster is inspired by his G1 version and comes with the cassette tape Eject. Blaster even has his finger extended so he can press his spring-loaded eject button popping open his tape deck!

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