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Funko, Magic the Gathering Headline October PREVIEWS Exclusive Collectibles

Diamond Comic Distributors announced in October the upcoming release of several PREVIEWS Exclusive collectibles. Included in these announcements are Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers Blackout style pins from Pinfinity, Cuphead and Mugman action figures from 1000Toys, and a series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle vinyl Pop! figures from Funko.

Diamond and Funko continue their long-running partnership with the announcement of a new series of PREVIEWS Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop! Vinyl Figures (Donatello: MAR218990, $13.99; Leonardo: MAR218991, $13.99; Michelangelo: MAR218992, $13.99; Raphael: MAR218993, $13.99; Casey Jones: MAR218989, $13.99; Shredder: MAR218994, $13.99). Inspired by the now legendary comics phenomenon that took the world by storm, Eastman & Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join Funko’s iconic line of Pop! vinyl figures with this brand new, PREVIEWS Exclusive line. The Mirage Turtles come to life with a comics-inspired cell shaded design. Each Turtle comes equipped with their signature weapons and classic red bandanas. The hotheaded Raphael comes posed with his sai. Ultimate pizza fan Michelangelo is posed with his nunchaku, while tech whiz Donatello is featured with his bo staff. Finally, level-headed Leonardo is posed with is twin katanas. Also available is vigilante Casey Jones with his bat and trademark hockey mask; and the biggest baddie of all, Shredder! Each PREVIEWS Exclusive Pop! figure features a black and white chase variant for that classic indie comic look.

Pinfinity announced a PREVIEWS Exclusive Magic the Gathering set of Planeswalkers Blackout style pins (AUG218403, $69.99). Featuring the original lineup of Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Garruk, this all new, limited edition set also includes the never-before produced Ashioc, Nightmare Weaver. This PREVIEWS Exclusive also offers an augmented reality (AR) companion app. Users can download the Pinfinity – AR Companion App and scan the pins to see them animated in AR and scored with original music. Each PREVIEWS Exclusive 6-Piece set of 2″ metal enamel Planeswalkers pins come in a deluxe, full-color flip-top gift box with outer sleeve and foil printing

Magic the Gathering set of Planeswalkers Blackout style pins

1000Toys announced all-new PREVIEWS Exclusive Cuphead (AUG218802, $60) and Mugman (AUG218803, $60) action figures, inspired by the 2D action shooting game. Sculpted and designed in a cartoon-like style by Takayuki Ishizawa, and standing about 5.3″ tall, each figure features incredible articulation with an up-and-down telescopic mechanism in the head to recreate the action from the game. Interchangeable hand and eye parts are included to make their animated poses stand

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