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Vlad Dracul Is An Epic Story Of The Most Famous Warrior That Inspired The Dracula Legends. The Title Box Set Is Now Available!

Vlad Dracul II, the Impaler, the Son of the Dragon, was a Warlord, a Voivod, a Guardian Warrior, an iconic historical figure who was able to successfully strike fear into the hearts of the fearsome Ottoman Empire. Vlad is an epic story of love and war, a historical ride with rivers of blood, tears, swords and love and a discovery of a man that was, perhaps, the most famous warrior of his era that inspired the Dracula legends. This is the story of the man behind the myth.

Written by Matteo Strukul with art by Andrea Mutti, Vlad Dracul is the latest Title Box from Scout Comics.

The Title Box features Vlad Dracul Issues #1- #3 and the Comic Tag containing the entire digital graphic novel. LIMITED TO 150 BOXES! There’s a mystery element to each box. You have a chance to get rare and out print variants! Each box is $34.99.

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