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Godkiller will become Black Mask’s Longest Running Series when Spiderland debuts in September

Hot off its bestselling launch of “Tomorrow’s Ashes,” Black Mask has announced Godkiller will return in September with its next volume “Spiderland,” becoming the publisher’s longest-running series.

The new volume will launch with a breathtaking, handpainted wraparound cover by Nen Chang, whose cover for vol 3 “Tomorrow’s Ashes” #1 was Black Mask’s all-time bestseller and sold out on its first day of release.

Red hot artist Maria Llovet will join Nen Chang and series artist/co-creator Anna Muckcracker on covers, bringing her stylish, sexy, NSFW vision to the series. Llovet made her US market debut at Black Mask with 2017’s There’s Nothing There before Faithless at BOOM! Studios and then writing and illustrating the graphic novella LOUD! at Black Mask.

In Godkiller: Spiderland, the relationship between anti-heroine Halfpipe and mysterious bounty hunter Soledad smolders as they discover a strange new sorcery they hope will help them rescue Tommy before he’s vivisected by The Republic.

Brash, bold, brutal, sexy, and over the top in all the best and most exciting ways, Godkiller will return with a vengeance in September.

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