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Review: Yeahaw Blue #2

Yeehaw Blue

As a fan of the show, Supernatural, I have always loved when they poked fun at themselves. The Winchester Brothers, from the very start, have always been the Luke Skywalker and Han Solo of monster hunting. As Dean’s cynicism is always matched with Sam’s righteousness. Through the show’s 11 seasons, it has always found a way to make the siblings relatable yet stoic in some aspect.

The show has always endured because the brothers with the help of their winged friend, Castiel, and occasionally from their father figure, Bobby, are all of us. We are not one thing because of our family but are many things because of those we call friends. In an episode in the previous season, we saw, the Brothers play out their own version of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. In the second issue of Yeehaw Blue, Reya much like the Winchesters must recover to persevere.

We find Reya, shortly after her fight with a Teras, as she recovers in the school infirmary. As we soon find out that Reya and Boonie were both burnt, and neither of them nor the school knows how a Teras could breathe fire. As the nurse and the headmaster discuss the implications of what may come from the incident, they soon realize the school may have been underestimating Reya’s skills. By the issue’s end, Reya’s family heirloom seems to be more a knickknack, as it causes eerie visions that only Boone can see when holding it.

Overall, it’s a fun chapter that dives a bit into character exploration. The story by the creative team is exciting. The art by Jones is stunning. Altogether, a story that gives a different look at the underdog.

Story: Shay Jones, Johnny O’Bryant, Marcus Johnson, and Corey Mikkell Art: Shay Jones
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Bu

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