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New York is a City on the Verge in September

Red 5 Comics takes a ride through history in Verge!

New York City of the near future is the world’s greatest melting pot where European expats live next to Latinos who live next to African-Americans who live next to émigré’s from around the world who live next to vikings and cavemen and Roman citizens. These refugees from the worst disasters in human history have been rescued and given a new home, and now someone has to police them and keep all the different cultures from fighting one another. That’s the job of Detective Connie Liu and she does it well. When a group of samurai are found murdered most the police chalk it up to regular clan fighting, but Connie suspects someone has is targeting the refugees. Finding out who and why will mean finding the answer to the question that has plagued the world since the time refugees appeared … what is the Verge?

Written by Bryce McLellan with art by Silvio dB, Verge will be unleashed on the world in four monthly issues this fall starting in September 2021 from Red 5 Comics.

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