Review: Shi No Kage #1

Shi No Kage #1

When I used to be stationed in Naval Station Yokosuka, I felt very homesick. I was a world away from everyone and everything I knew.  I started to question why I even joined the military at that point dreaming of becoming a civilian once again. One of the first that gave me some solace was Samurai movies.

As I grew up loving movies, my grandparents and parents introduced me to so many great films. I remembered the first movie outside of the base, and with no subtitles was the powerful, The Sword of Doom. The movie operates much like a “Tell Tale Heart” but within the world of the Samurai. In the brilliant debut, Shi No Kage #1, we are taken back to that world and introduced to a protagonist whose honor is above all.

We are taken to feudal Japan, and to the land of the Kyuuseushi Clan, which is governed by one lord and his seven Samurai and a young man from the village, Hachiro looks to add to their ranks. As we soon find out, one of the other Samurai, Kioshi, was ambushed and killed upon learning of political upheaval, but before he takes his place, he must undergo a gauntlet of tests, one which he may not survive. As his first test is against a forest giant, one who uses its might to sweep him off his feet, but he uses his smarts to outmaneuver and eventually tearing through his spine. By the issue’s end, he faces a somewhat familiar foe that gives him closure to some long-dwelling inner demons.

Overall, Shi No Kage #1 is an engaging debut issue, that is both bloody and fantastical. The story by Davis is enthralling. The art by the creative team is alluring. Altogether, a story that not only pushes limits but sets new ones.

Story: Neil Davis Art: Gus Mauk, Michael Yakutis, Khoi Pham, Jean-Pascal Leclerc Kegle, and Ari Lee
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

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