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Virtuous Con Announces New Guests for its Juneteenth Convention

Virtuous Con‘s “Junteenth” experience is coming taking place June 19-20. The special guests now includes Phil Lamarr, Wilson Cruz, Frank Abney, Pearl Low, Aida Croal, Justina Ireland, L.L. McKinney, and the list goes on! Check out the full list of guests here.
In addition to the INSANE amount of talent represented in the special guest line-up, there’s a diversity of subjects that the convention will be exploring in its panel programming. They’ve got everything from the impact of Comic Book Canon on Fandom to Spirituality in Anime to Liberation through Book Clubs and the impact of Music on the Creative Process!
And if that’s not enough, the mini-Master Class Series (sponsored by Kickstarter) is bringing all you aspiring artists out there the tools you need to take your craft or your business to the next level.
If you’re ready to go, attendee registration is OPEN. Click here to sign up!

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