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Substack Getting Into Comics with Nick Spencer Guiding


Business Insider via The Beat has the news that Substsack is expanding its pay newsletter model to comics with Nick Spencer leading the project. Substack is a newsletter service where individuals pay to be on lists and receive messages.

The plan would move into the comic space with and Substack is already experimenting with fiction authors. According to The Beat‘s reporting, the plan is to pay prominent writers a substantial upfront and take the majority of the subscription fees. The platform would take a 10% cut after a year.

Substack has had a lot of issues being charged with enabling bigotry. It has become a haven for alt-right individuals and alt-right adjacent regressive attitudes. Any comic creator who takes part in this will likely be pressed on the controversy.

The concept is nothing new and sounds not too different than Patreon or some webcomic platforms. There individuals pay for updates or to get comics in small chunks. Numerous platforms have experimented with “micro” comics with only a few breaking through with a scalable model.

We’ll have updates when the news is officially announced.

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