Bliss on Tap Comes to GlobalComix

GlobalComix has been making news with a long list of publishers joining their platform. Today, they’ve announced that Bliss on Tap is the latest. The full catalog is now available on GlobalComix.

What’s Bliss on Tap? The publisher’s Brian Phillipson describes it best and what it means for them to join GlobalComix.

Bliss on Tap comics cater to a carefully curated crowd of weary rock stars, old poets, graffiti artists, out-of-style influencers, soon-to-be zombies, stoners, loners, lost time-travelers, extraterrestrial outcasts and those discerning readers who don’t always find what they’re looking for in the mainstream.  We’re excited to work with Global Comix and its awesome team to bring our unique voices and independent library of comics & graphic novels to its worldwide audience (which word on the street says is some of the best in the comic business).

From Future Proof to Weed Magic, God the Dyslexic Dog to Train 8, you are bound to find a story in their catalog that suits your fancy. That is, if you enjoy comics that are excellently composed, a bit twisted, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

You can read Bliss On Tap now, along with 5,000 other comics for $1.99 for your first month!

Bliss on Tap