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Jupiter’s Legacy’s Cast has Been Released as Netflix Turns to Mark Millar’s Supercrooks


Variety is reporting that Netflix has “released the cast” of Jupiter’s Legacy. This signals there won’t be a season two of the show as of now. It’s not too surprising as the show launched with little buzz and after launch little more. It has just a 38% critical approval though the audience has rated it 72%.

The series is one of the high-profile launches for Netflix and their purchase of comic publisher Millarworld. Millarworld is Mark Millar‘s creations that include the Jupiter series of comics, Kick-Ass, and more.

One of those, Supercrooks, is moving ahead. It has received a live-action adaptation order from Netflix.

Super Crooks is set in the same world as Jupiter’s Legacy and follows villains, where Legacy followed heroes. The show will be the “next installment” showing Netflix is focused on an attempt to build their own “cinematic universe” of superheroes. There’s also an anime series coming to Netflix of the same property coming later this year.

Netflix purchased Millarworld in 2017. Jupiter’s Legacy was the first property to spin out of the deal. A series based on the comic Magic Order is also in the works.

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