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TV Review: Jupiter’s Legacy S1E5 What’s the Use?

Jupiter's Legacy "What's the Use?"

What’s the Use?” feels like it’s getting Jupiter’s Legacy back on track in some ways. The episode circles back to the death of the fake Blackstar. You know, the rather important plot point from the first episode that’s been ignored up to this point. That includes Brandon who has been awol for the most part up to this point.

In the past, Sheldon is doing what he can do to gather the individuals he needs from his vision. It features some ok sequences and moments though overall the plotline feels very dragged out. There are some interesting moments where individuals question Sheldon’s sanity or outright don’t trust him. Who is chosen and what the pitch is all make for some interesting viewing but overall it could have been sped up and condensed.

As a whole, the series is dragging out the origin of the heroes. I can see what they’re doing, timing their gaining their powers with the end of the season, delivering a dual narrative. But, its a mystery that’s interesting and has some impact on the present. Getting to that point and then showing its impact would make for a more compelling season and also have the two narratives play in together with their themes.

In the present we finally get Blackstar’s death back in focus. The mystery deepens as hints as to who behind the attack is hinted at. There’s also Utopian wanting to speak to Skyfox and needing Hutch to do that. There’s also Chloe and her romance. It’s all the various threads dancing around each other and works in some ways but also feels a bit too tied together in ways as well. Not everyone has to be connected with each other and not every plot has to tie into each other. There’s a point it becomes too silly.

“What’s the Use?” isn’t a bad episode but it also creates a world that’s a bit too small in some ways. Characters have relationships that feel a bit random and other directions would be far better ways to handle things. Still, the series feels like it’s bringing things together and getting to the point.

Overall Rating: 7.5

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