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TV Review: Jupiter’s Legacy S1E4 All the Devils Are Here

Jupiter's Legacy "All The Devils Are Here"

All The Devils Are Here” keeps it simple in the episode exploring Chloe’s world as well as Sheldon’s pursuit. Jupiter’s Legacy delivers a stronger episode with a character out of control and one that feels like he’s losing it.

“All The Devils Are Here” keeps things focused on these two storylines delivering one of the stronger episodes. It does some solid work tying in Chloe’s story with some other things. But, the main point is we get a better sense of her. She’s plagued by the shadow of her father. She also is ostracized by some for not being a part of the other superheroes. We also get a sense she’s struggling because she thinks her social life exists because of who she is and what powers she has. We understand her better.

Sheldon, back in the past, is on a mission to figure out his visions. That takes him on a journey where he discovers a little more about what he’s being driven to do. It’s a little deus ex machina and a series of events than discoveries but it moves things along nice.

Josh Duhamel stands out for his confusion attempting to piece everything together. Elena Kampouris as Chloe also stands out as she spirals.

“All The Devils Are Here” is another example that when the show keeps things simple and focused, there’s something there. When it attempts to deliver action filled superhero battles, the series stumbles. The characters, and their clashing, is where things are interesting. Here’s hoping the series figures that out.

Overall Rating: 7.5

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