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TV Review: Jupiter’s Legacy S1E3 Painting the Clouds With Sunshine

Jupiter's Legacy "The Clouds With Sunshine"

Jupiter’s Legacy‘s third episode, “The Clouds With Sunshine“, is an intriguing one making a bit of a detour from the first two. The episode begins to focus on delivering some more solid villains and a larger meta-story and does so in a mix of ways.

A large chunk of the episode focuses on Sheldon’s breakdown and getting the “origin” of the heroes rolling. We’re introduced to George Hutchence, a wealthy friend who’s a bad take on Ozymandias from Watchmen. Matt Lanter plays the character with a playboy arrogance, part Bruce Wayne and part douche. Sheldon is getting messages from beyond the grave of a mission he must take to a mysterious island while George begins to put together some of what Sheldon claims he’s seeing.

It’s a slow origin and playing out the basics of the series. As a plotline it feels dragged out and plodding, a bit of a clash with the more modern time and sequences. With it and the more modern times, we have dual stories in what feels like dual series.

In modern times, we meet Hutch. Part of a crew, they’re on a mission to steal something for a powered individual. While Hutch himself doesn’t have powers, he does have a device that allows him to teleport. It’s maybe the one cool special effect on the show and looks the least cheesy.

Once again, it’s the special fx where the episode starts to fall apart. A battle between Chloe and our new villains has a look that feels like a cheap 90s superhero show on The CW. There’s a silliness to it all in both execution and the look. The series stumbles when it goes down that path creating a distraction from its more intriguing aspects.

One of those intriguing aspects is that theft and Hutch and what’s hinted at towards the end. The series continues to do best when it keeps things simple. Unfortunately it hasn’t found its balance between its super and grounded aspects. “The Clouds With Sunshine” is an ok episode, better than the debut, but it still has its eye-rolling moments.

Overall Rating: 7.5

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