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TV Review: Jupiter’s Legacy S1E2 Paper and Stone

Jupiter's Legacy

With the death of the fake Blackstar, Utopian and the heroes are in the focus. The public’s support of Brandon’s action throws Utopian into a difficult spot to decide what to do. In the past, we learn more about the stock market crash and its impact on the Sampson’s delivering a deeper picture as to who Sheldon Sampson is as a person. “Paper and Stone” pulls things back for Jupiter’s Legacy focusing on the characters. It’s also a strong episode than the debut.

Bouncing between Sheldon’s past and present we learn more about the man, with both focused on his dealing with death and loss. It’s juxtaposed in a way with Brandon and his reaction to the death of his friends. It’s an interesting comparison and follow up from the debut’s focus on Brandon’s attempt to step in his father’s superhero shoes. In a way, Brandon surpasses his father delivering a speech that’s heartfelt and touching. It shows he really cares and feels responsible for his actions and inactions. You can feel the weight on his shoulders.

“Paper and Stone” is an interesting episode. We get to see Brandon and Sheldon and how they both feel responsibility for the actions of others. Sheldon in the past for the action of his father. Brandon for the death of his fellow heroes. The episode also continues to draw the line between Sheldon’s beliefs in not killing and Brandon crossing that line. The times are changing in both periods and everyone must deal with that.

The episode also kicks off the Indiana Jones like origin of its original heroes. Like the superhero moments of the present day, it’s a bit cheesy. But, it sets things up and gets that plot rolling.

“Paper and Stone” is a much better episode than the debut. It steps away from the tights and debates the morality of everything that has happened and what it means to be a hero. That’s where the comic was strongest (from what I remember) and it seems the show is too. It moves away from bad special-fx allow its actors to shine. Here’s hoping for more of that to come.

Overall Rating: 8.0

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